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      MERIDEN — For Mayor Manny Santos, there’s no downside to requiring all future city managers, department heads and non-union supervisors to become city residents. He submitted a resolution this month asking the City Council to …
      By Andrew Ragali Record-Journal staff
      Cities have been most supportive of residency requirements for department heads, while suburban towns usually only require town managers to live locally. Hartford, New Haven …
      By Jesse Buchanan Record-Journal staff
      The choice facing small hospitals isn’t whether to remain independent or partner with a larger facility. It’s which network to join and what the merger …
      By Jesse Buchanan Record-Journal staff

    Thursday’s numbers:

    Play 3 Day: 223.

    Play 4 Day: 0910.

    Play 3 Night: 853.

    Play 4 Night: 6159.

    Cash 5: 7-10-12-13-31.

    Lucky for Life:

    13-31-34-35-36 (3).