Readers’ Opinions, 9-27-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 9-27-2013




Running “At Large” for Meriden City Council is Ron Perry. As the manager of the Marine Corps League Thrift Store, he has helped a countless number of people in need as well as numerous organizations. His caring and compassion for the people of Meriden goes beyond the bounds of giving. All veterans in need, throughout the state, know there is a decorated veteran standing ready to help. If elected as councilman, I can assure you his dedication will not waver. Meriden will have a person they can trust, respect and believe in. Vote Ron Perry for City Council.

Fleurette Belote, Meriden

True leader


David Lowell is a dedicated, true leader. His capabilities and accomplishments are endless. He is Chief Operating Officer at Hunter’s Ambulance. David is a past president of the Meriden Kiwanis Club, founder and advisor to the Aktion Club of Meriden (a service club for the handicapped). David is founder of the Spirit of Giving. I have only mentioned a few of his many involvements in the community. Your vote for “superman” David Lowell will give him the opportunity to do a super job for the city of Meriden.

David/Dorothy Elkin, Southington



I believe that Paul Daniels’ letter (R-J, 9-22), misstated the facts. The Tea Party Patriots, the only Tea Party in Meriden, gather at the Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Broad Street. (All are welcome. Bring a flag.) When a Korean War veteran arrives from Middlefield, he picks up the litter from the grass. I believe that Republican and We The People candidates who have served in the military: Manny Santos, Ron Perry, Joe Luca, Bob Williams — also Lenny Rich and Joshua Broekstra, will work for the taxpayers as Dan Brunet has done. It’s time for Daniels to get the facts correct.

Arline Dunlop, Meriden

Voices heard


Here we go again. The Democratic-controlled council keep telling you how great they have done when our taxes keep going up and up. We have 2 schools collectively about $12 thousand over budget already. We have a PLA the people didn’t want and candidates running are union affiliates. Rohde tells us how great he is doing, when in fact, his assistant Ed Siebert is doing it at a cost of about $40,000. Meriden needs a person like Ron Perry who does his own work. Vote for Ron for city council and your voice will be heard.

Helen Macri, Meriden

Take control


Ron Perry, or “Ronny,” as I know him, is running for city council and his only agenda is to bring Meriden back to the people of Meriden. Take the control of the council out of the hands of a self-serving Democratic Party. Ronny and the candidates running with him have worked together and will continue to do so to make a better Meriden. I often hear “we need a change.” Well, taxpayers, here is your chance. Vote for Ron Perry and all the candidates on We The People and Republican lines and you will get your change — guaranteed.

Rose Chilone, Meriden

Beyond reproach


Ron Perry’s character, loyalty, honesty and dedication to Meriden is beyond reproach. After Viet Nam he moved to Meriden with his wife Susan and they had 2 children. He has lived in Meriden for over 40 years and has helped various charities, veteran groups as well as the Town with many functions. He seems to be the “go to” guy when the town puts on a function that they need spotlighted. There is no person more qualified to sit on the city council than Ron Perry. Meriden taxpayers will finally have a voice. Vote Ron Perry.

Larry Kibner, S. Meriden

Common sense


Please support Lenny Rich for election to City Council At-Large. Lenny is the common sense candidate. Lenny is well-informed, listens, inclusive, trustworthy, works hard and he is fair. Lenny raised a sizable family in Meriden, both attending and subsequently working in our schools. Len recognizes Meriden’s beautiful parks and surrounding ridgelines for us to enjoy. Vote for Lenny on City Council so he can improve our business climate, preserve the character of our neighborhoods and promote improving public safety. Lenny will serve us well as a representative for all of Meriden. Please vote for Lenny Rich for Meriden City Council At-Large.

Jeffrey Mirabello, Meriden



Meriden needs more city councilors like Josh Broekstra. He is a hard worker and very dedicated to the city of Meriden. Josh will listen to the residents and bring their voices to the council. We can trust Josh to be a true representative for us, not for special interests. We need more councilors who are concerned about the people they represent instead of their own agendas. Josh’s top priority is the betterment of Meriden and its residents. Vote for Josh Broekstra on November 5th.

Dan Whitney, Meriden

‘Trimmed brushes’?


Unable to think of a single thing Westside Tea Party (WTP)-endorsed candidate Dan Brunet has done on the Meriden City Council over the last four years, I checked his website. According to Brunet himself, his number one accomplishment was, “ensuring that brushes are properly trimmed.” Brunet’s priorities are not the priorities of the east side. Please elect Democrat Luke Ford so that he can help address the far more important issues of Gravel Street reconstruction, economic development, high school renovations, demolition of the Mills, flood control, development of a Meriden Green downtown, and maintaining a stable tax rate.

Anna Daniels, Meriden

Positive direction


I am Luke J. Ford, Democratic candidate running for Meriden City Council Area 3. My supporters and I have knocked on over 1,000 doors listening to concerns of East Side residents. I personally want to thank everyone who has taken the time to speak with us, and honor us with permission to place my sign on their property. I will continue walking Area 3 over the coming weeks, and I look forward to meeting many other residents in person. I respectfully ask for your vote on November 5 so I can help keep Meriden moving in a positive direction.

Luke J. Ford, Meriden

Great job


It’s great to see David Salafia running for Meriden City Council. David has council experience and knowledge of city issues. David worked on the successful planning and implementation of Falcon Field, which came in on time and under budget. As a former business owner, he understands the obstacles facing downtown development, and as baseball coach and former Chair of the Parks and Public Works Committee, he cares about what happens to our city’s parks, such as Ceppa Field. I don’t have any doubt that David will do a great job on the council.

Ashley Torres, Meriden



I have known Miguel Castro for several years. He is a man of great character who genuinely cares about Meriden’s future. In his short time on the council he has worked hard to learn issues affecting our city. Miguel was instrumental in saving the summer camp program for our city’s youth. He pays attention to quality-of-life issues that are often overlooked. Please join me in voting for Miguel Castro on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Luz Benitez, Meriden



For the life of me, I can’t understand why naysayers in this community feel funding education is a waste of money. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders! They deserve every opportunity for educational success. As a community we should be making investments that not only provide the best education possible and give them state-of-the-art facilities, but also encourage them to stay in Meriden. Kyle Abercrombie understands that. He is a smart young man who will put the interests of our children first. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, vote for Kyle Abercrombie.

Mildred Torres-Ferguson


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