Readers’ Opinions

Readers’ Opinions



I realize that this time of the year the main emphasis is on elections and politics. However, I politely request that my letters be published on a monthly basis to alert veterans of benefits to which they are entitled. It would be beneficial that all Veterans get to cash the check they wrote with their service to this great country. Some benefits are not as vital as others but nevertheless you are entitled. I humbly ask the indulgence of the Director of Veteran Affairs in Wallingford, George Messier, to accept my support.

John J. Anzidei, Wallingford

Flood insurance


Spending $32,000,000 on flood control, an event that does not happen that frequently, is foolish if the city would take a value total of flood prone properties in the zones and “subsidize” flood insurance rates! Most reasonable of insurance rates usually.

Second issue is running a stream that will be designed to hold and dispense water when such conditions exist. All across the nation, southwestern cities in particular have had a history of casualties of “flood wash” channels that people do stupid things to get trapped in them. Final point: when heavy amounts of snow are on the ground and an unusual rainfall occurs, there will be no stopping the surrounding hilly streets storm basins from being blocked by “snowburgs.”

A reminder of my last letter stating that the Syria backout and the illusion of “Putin” looking good is damaging to our economic security as our nation’s stability appears at best precarious.

Don’t you think our military superiority and willingness to engage in freedom fighting led to an enormous consideration from any hostile potential enemy?

John Francis, Meriden

Political Opinions

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Family man


Len Rich is a hard-working, dedicated family man. He has lived most of his life in Meriden and has helped raised a big family here. Len Rich is no career politician but an ordinary man who decided to get involved in our local affairs because he simply had enough of career politicians. Len knows what it is to struggle. He is an intelligent and passionate person and cares about the issues. I urge you to join me. Support and vote for Lenny Rich for City Council; he’ll represent all ordinary men and women, and not the special interests.

Pablo Soto, Meriden



I have known Manny Santos for more than fifteen years. He is a hardworking family man with lots of innovative ideas. He has never been afraid to challenge the status quo, and will not accept decisions made because that is how things have been done in the past. He is also an excellent listener, which is critical to success in local politics. I believe that he will make an excellent mayor, and strongly support Manny’s candidacy for mayor of Meriden. I hope that you will too.

John Walsh, Rye, NY


While one of our Town Councilmen, Mr. Economopoulos, continues to conduct his “investigation” into “Oil Gate,” he should consider providing the cost to date to the town for defending him in the defamation of character suit filed against him by a member of the Public Works Department over “Wood Gate”. Maybe he would also let us know when his investigative material concerning the matter will be provided to the State’s Attorney’s Office for its review. Is his file really that extensive that it has taken more than 1 year to copy?

Liz Frank, Wallingford



I must make mention of the wonderful work Mayor Rohde has done, and is doing. I’ve known him for a few years, more so when I made a decision to establish My City Kitchen, Inc. in the city. He cares about Meriden and has made a positive impact on his community; he’s been an avid supporter of children health and wellness, he supports numerous charitable organizations in the City. I applaud him for taking steps to revitalize the City of Meriden and the renovation of Meriden public schools. He’s a strong leader and great mayor for the City of Meriden.

Kashia Cave, Meriden

A new face


Having known Lenny Rich for over 35 years, I can honestly say that he is a man who can be trusted to make correct decisions on the direction Meriden should be heading in. He will be a councilor for the taxpayers of Meriden. It is time for a change. Our taxes are up and our property values are down. This is not the way it should work. We need a new face in Meriden politics — and that face is Lenny Rich. Join me and my wife Kathy in voting for Lenny Rich, Councilor-at-Large, on Tuesday, November 5th.

Richard Gill, So. Meriden



Roberta Ash and I have known Mike Rohde for many years and he has been a supporter of the Brian David Ash Memorial Fire Prevention fund. He cares about Meriden and has made a postive impact on this community. Mike has years of experience in the City Council plus many years as mayor. I feel he is the most qualified candidate to be our mayor again.

Mike Ash, Meriden

A great job


I’ve worked with Mike Rohde on the Meriden Farmers’ Market and have had a chance to observe Meriden’s “number one advocate” first hand. His enthusiasm, dedication, and tireless efforts to improve our city are extremely impressive. He is a champion for all the development projects — the high school renovations, the new Hub, other downtown improvements, and the flood control work. He actively supports our city organizations and community events. He’s one of the busiest persons I’ve ever met, working day and night to improve our city. Mayor Rohde’s done a great job, and we need him to continue Meriden’s progress.

Ed Peczynski, Meriden

Vote for change


Wallingford has a new “Son” that’s full of vision, determination, and enthusiasm. He stepped forward saved our fireworks celebration, then became a council member and now he’s a mayoral candidate, so much done in so little time. He can be counted on to listen to concerns, he invites input, and he loves a challenge. Just by what he’s already accomplished, you can see the momentum, and Wallingford needs this expansion, this change. Vote for Change, a New Direction, and Jason Zandri for Mayor of Wallingford. Voting is a privilege and a way to be heard, go out and vote.

Lorraine Zandri, Wallingford

Public housing


Being on the left, I am so tempted not to vote at all in our local elections in Meriden. What irks me the most is Democrats who are all gung-ho over demolishing the Mills public housing. We will lose another 200 permanent units of low-income housing. Dan Brunet has answered every email and phone call I made to him. Councilman Larue Graham’s phone number on the City’s web site is still listed as 999-999-9999. I gave up trying to get a hold of him. Councilman Castro promptly responded when I called him regarding concerns I had and I was impressed.

Colleen Cyr, Meriden

Tireless work


I have had the pleasure of watching David Salafia work with all of our students in his role as Family-School Liaison Coordinator for the Meriden Public Schools. David has run Fan Buses for our high school students, Million Word Reader Challenges for our middle school students and enrichment programs for our elementary school students. His tireless work on behalf of “our kids” is amazing. David Salafia has earned my vote.

Christian Adamik, Meriden

Problem solver


I have known Manny Santos for nearly 20 years and he is truly a great American: U.S Marine. Served our country proudly. Graduate of UConn. Engineer by profession. Have a problem? He fixes it. Great father and husband. Active in supporting his children’s education and after-school activities. As mayor, he will bring people together to solve the problems facing this great city.

George F. Walker, Torrington

New direction


Meriden voters, check out Meriden must attract private sector investments and grow existing businesses if it is to remain competitive in the job market. To guide this growth, vote for the Republican candidate for mayor: Manny Santos. A new direction for Meriden.

Patricia Walker, Winchester Center



Meriden is fortunate to have such a dedicated mayor as Mike Rhode. He exhibits a glowing pride in our city and does everything with so much vigor. In addition to that display of enthusiasm, he has a positive vision for our city’s growth and produces great outcomes to make that vision a reality. He has kept taxes in check, moved forward with the renovation and expansion of our high schools and set in motion a remedy for both the Hub and Harbor Brook. I support Mike Rhode and the whole Democratic Team. I hope you will.

Carmine Trotta, Meriden

Move forward


Wallingford voters face a choice: the past vs. the future. On the one hand, Wallingford is generally well run. On the other hand, Mayor Dickinson has missed opportunity after opportunity to move the town into the 21st Century. His decisions not to computerize have inconvenienced residents, impeded communication between town offices, residents and state officials and actually cost the town money. Choosing Jason Zandri presents an opportunity to move forward sensibly. He will streamline government, improve transparency and attract businesses. These actions in turn will help keep taxes from rising annually. Jason Zandri is the best leader for the future.

Karen A. Grava, Wallingford


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