Readers’ Opinions, 10-22-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-22-2013


The right choice


John Sullivan’s managerial position in labor relations, negotiations and process improvement has all the qualities for an effective leader. He has a common sense approach, open-mindedness and is willing to compromise. Most of all, he is resourceful and knows how to get the job done. John deserves to continue as our town councilor.

Jim Torre, Wallingford



We finally know what Jason Zandri is planning, if elected. He says no one knows about our AAA bond rating (which is incorrect) and our electric. Who does he think he is kidding? All he wants to do is raise our taxes by buying expensive computers that we don’t need. Zandri is the same as all the liberals in Washington and this state. Raise taxes and spend. Dickinson runs the town the way he runs his household — frugally. Re-elect Mayor Dickinson.

Bruce Blake, Wallingford



It would be my honor to be your next town clerk, to continue serving the residents of the town I grew up in and love. My 28 years of experience and certification as a Connecticut town clerk shows my dedication to this office and the town of Southington. For the past seven years as deputy town clerk, I have worked closely with Leslie Cotton to advance the office to where it is today. I take pride in the work that I do, and would continue with the excellent, friendly customer service you have always experienced.

Kathy Larkin, Southington

Democrats unite


The time has come to replace the antiquated Republican guard and allow growth necessary for Wallingford to flourish, not simply exist. Poor, outdated policies, excessive taxation, wasteful spending, few services, disregard for OSHA regulations, no medication drop-boxes are the results of Republican inability to think past “we always did it this way.” Jason Zandri: Fresh energy, knowledge, arguing for the needs of emergency responders, the elderly, fireworks funding, efficiency, accountability, technological advancements, job growth, challenging the costly, ineffective Dickensonian way of doing things. The proven innovative thinking of Jason Zandri “changing Wallingford to meet the challenges of the future.”

Raymond Guidone, Wallingford

Back to work


I thank Democrat Luke Ford, candidate for Meriden City Council, for his efforts in getting me back to work. I am an iron worker living in Meriden who was unemployed as an iron worker for over 24 months. Anyone who has suffered through unemployment with a family knows how difficult it is. If it weren’t for Luke, I may still be unemployed. My paycheck supports not only my family, but also the local businesses I frequent. Luke gets what it means to be a community. He has my vote this fall, and I hope he has yours too.

Marc Ziolkowski, Meriden

Keep charter


The charter revision questions for Southington make no sense. The budget process doesn’t change. Citizens are removed from oversight of our police and fire departments. And, the changes in the finance process just make it easier for the bureaucracy to spend our taxes. I’m voting no and hope everyone else will vote no. There is no reason to change.

Margaret Nevelos, Plantsville



A recent R-J article (10-18-13) suggests more money will be needed, adding to the hundreds of thousands of dollars already spent, to complete the questionable decision by our mayor to expand the Center Street cemetery by having the town purchase two private homes. Where did this decision come from? I don’t believe it was in the budget and almost seems to have been done on a whim! The cemetery is bounded by walls and by private property. Is anyone watching the store? Did we really need to go down this road? I think not. We can end this on November 5th.

Paul Ciardullo Sr., Wallingford

He understands


During these difficult times, we are fortunate to have Zaya Oshana Jr. on the Board of Education in Southington. I ask you to re-elect him. Zaya has been a member of the board for two years and previously served for 10 years on the PZC. He understands how government and education operate. Zaya is someone from whom you can expect honesty and integrity. His votes are made with the best interest of Southington and its students in mind. Let Zaya continue looking out for the best interests of students in Southington, a town so dear to the family. Thank you.

Christine Shanley-Buck, Plantsville

Supports teachers


I am writing this letter in support of Jim Ming for BOE. Jim wants to raise the standards for students to better prepare them for their futures. Jim is looking to get parental and community involvement in students’ education, as it does take the village to get the job done. Jim supports teachers in wanting to allow them to do their job as best as they can. Please support Jim Ming in November with your vote. We need change.

Susan Niemczyk, Meriden

For progress


As Tip O’Neil-D, former speaker of the house, once stated, “All politics are local.” But just as in Washington, local Democrats whine, coerce, intimidate and threaten until they get their own way, as was witnessed with the recent PLA vote. Just as in our school systems, bullying by the majority leadership on the council should no longer be allowed and negotiating should take its place. It’s time to rid us of the majority that has led this city into decline and its taxpayers into debt. Vote We The People, Row C, for progress on election day.

Lois DeMayo, S. Meriden



I was pleased to learn that David Lowell is running to continue his position in the Meriden City Council in the upcoming election. I have known Dave personally for many years, and his commitment to the city is unwavering. His record of service to the community, including as the creator of the annual Spirit of Giving, is as tireless as every other project he undertakes. He is a local business leader who understands what Meriden needs to grow, and has the ability to help lead in any situation. I highly support David Lowell for Meriden City Council.

Chad Cardillo, Middletown

Think again


Instead of hailing the proposed shopping center at the north end, candidates in Cheshire should rethink this crazy idea. They say it’s a tax windfall, but what they don’t say is that the costs that will be borne by taxpayers in the long term far outweigh any short-term tax advantage. The new mall will mean hiring more police and firefighters, extending sewer and water lines, and so forth. It will also mean some longtime businesses will close their doors, unable to compete with big-box stores.

Alan Bisbort, Cheshire

Can-do attitude


How exciting to hear that Lenny Rich is running for Council at Large. I have known Lenny for many years and have known him to be an honest, sincere, hardworking man with strong leadership qualities. Lenny will be the perfect person to represent the people of Meriden as he will keep his typical “can-do” attitude that has brought him career and family success. Leadership is needed in Meriden like never before. Vote for Lenny Rich to fill the void.

Vinny Romano, Meriden

Can’t wait


As youngsters, my sister and I spent many happy hours outdoors. I guess we did everything children possibly could do while playing in the backyard and adjacent empty lot. I am reminded today of how we often lifted rocks to see what was living underneath. Yes, fellow members of the great Republican Party, the one positive result of the government shutdown and debt-ceiling debate is that we were given front-row witness to the weak-kneed political hacks within our ranks. Let us all look forward to getting rid of these “me-too” Republicans. I can’t wait for the Kentucky primary to begin!

Myra Long, Meriden


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