Political Opinions, 10-27-2013

Political Opinions, 10-27-2013




Larry Russo is a family man and a business man who has also served our community in volunteer positions for many years. He listens to what people have to say and will work as a team for the good of all. Larry’s credentials are impressive and speak for themselves. He would he an asset to our Wallingford Town Council.

Betty Torre, Wallingford

Citizen oversight


I encourage all residents to get and vote “no” to Southington’s charter revision question. With this change the progressive advocate more control to the town manager and less involvement from full-time citizens. This is what’s happening in Washington and in the state of Connecticut (with “my way, or the highway” attitude). This removes a lot of citizen oversight. It’s not so that these commissioners have control of the two budgets on the town side. They still have to answer to the Finance Board and Town Council. Reducing them to an advisory board is not enough. Please vote “no.”

Richard Davis, Southington



City Council at large candidate David Salafia has consistently demonstrated that he cares greatly for Meriden. Whether as a youth sports coach, an advocate for the school system or a city councilor, he has always worked very hard for the betterment of his fellow residents, treating everyone with respect and kindness. He is not afraid to ask tough questions and will ensure tax dollars are judiciously spent in ways to improve our quality of life. Please join me on Election Day in returning David Salafia to office. He has earned our vote to continue his long record of community service.

Russell Crist, Meriden



In their political ad in the R-J, Meriden Democrats proclaim they “fully funded pensions six years in a row” — they don’t mention they didn’t fund retirement medical benefits by nearly $40 million. Nearly 2,000 Meriden Board of Ed, police, fire and city employees depend on these seriously underfunded obligations for their retirement, but Democrats don’t say a word about that. Meriden’s budget has been “balanced” using the gimmicks denounced by Democratic Governor Malloy. Meriden deserves a mayor and City Council that support honest accounting. Vote for honest government November 5. Vote for Republican and We The People candidates.

Len Suzio, Meriden



We keep hearing the same promises from Democrats that they are about to make the changes this city needs, just re-elect them. When will we learn? These politicians create problems that cause dependency on them for their own benefit. The Democrats are in a relationship with unions that is a clear conflict of interest. The unions pay them money and give them votes, and the Democrats in return protect the unions through PLA’s and stifling non-union, free market competition. Manny Santos will do right by Meriden and turn it around. Vote for Manny Santos for mayor.

Kris Bellemare, Meriden

‘The Man’


“Man’s” the man to be Meriden’s mayor to change the direction of Meriden. An immigrant who came to America as a child, Manny learned the promise of America and is living the dream. He attended Hartford Schools and UConn, where he earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He is a problem-solver. He served in the USMC and is a veteran of Desert Storm. We must elect Manny: Manny’s the man. “Get off your fanny and vote for Manny.”

Arline J. Dunlop, Meriden



Larry Russo Jr. is a perfect candidate for Wallingford Town Council. Larry has spent his life in town dedicated to the families and children of Wallingford. He is a careful decision maker, weighing every possibility before deciding what would be the best outcome for the people of Wallingford regardless of political connotations. Larry’s experience as president of Wallingford Little League and in the Holy Trinity Parent Association make him extremely qualified for dealing with the negotiation and compromise required for participating in operating a town like Wallingford. Please get out and vote for Larry Russo Jr. for Wallingford Town Council.

Michael C. Melkonian, Wallingford

Moving forward


I have known Mike Rohde for many years. He impresses me as a trustworthy person who delivers on his promises, characteristics that the citizens of Meriden should expect from their mayor. Most importantly, he genuinely cares about the city of Meriden and making it a better place to live. Meriden is in excellent hands with Mike Rohde as mayor. I encourage you to vote for Mike and keep Meriden moving forward in a positive way.

Wint Filipek, Southington

Positive changes


Once you meet Lenny Rich, you know he cares about Meriden. Rather than leave, as so many have, Lenny chooses to stay to fix the problems. As City Councilor At-Large, Lenny will be an asset to all Meriden citizens. As a retired auditor, he knows proper money management, which can only help fix our problems. Lenny also believes the citizens of Meriden should be able to vote, as other towns do, on major projects and not be subject to the City Council’s decisions on spending. If you want positive changes, Lenny needs your vote on Nov. 5th.

Priscilla Beeman, Meriden

Gets things done


I have been Josh Broekstra’s co-worker since April of 2010. He knows how to get things done and is professional. He is very smart, especially with math and computers. I trust his advice. He has a great eye for detail and a good sense of humor. He also gives blood at every drive. Josh would be a great addition to the Meriden City Council. Please support Josh Broekstra on November 5th!

Maryanne Boyen, Southbury

‘No’ is no policy


The silence from the Meriden Republicans and the subset of their party, We the People (or is it the other way around?), concerning the recent Republican federal shutdown debacle is deafening. Yes, all politics are local. I view the recent Tea Party behavior as child-like at best. Taking the same approach in fixing Meriden’s problems accomplishes nothing. Putting your fingers in your ears, ignoring facts and saying ‘no’, is not a policy position nor is it an adult way to find realistic solutions to problems. Keep Meriden moving forward and vote Democrat on November 5th.

Peter N. Hargett, Meriden

Real progress


If you like real progress in Meriden. If you like the like-new renovations of Maloney and Platt high schools. If you like the flood control project that will keep the downtown dry, create a new downtown green with a watercourse, and make available 1.2 million square feet of new space for economic development. If you like the new transit station with plenty of parking. If you like the new Phase II Linear Trail. If you like a real plan to take down the Mills public housing project and develop mixed-use housing. Vote Democratic on November 5 for real progress.

Michael S. Rohde, Mayor of Meriden

He will listen


My husband … A great father who is caring, dedicated, honest, and a hard worker. I am very proud of Luke and his commitment to serve Meriden. Luke will listen and work every day for all of us to keep Meriden moving forward. Please join me on November 5 and vote for Luke J. Ford, Democrat for City Council. Luke cares!

Kathy Ford, Meriden

Giving back


On November 5th, Election Day, I am asking for your vote for Kyle Abercrombie for the Board of Education. Kyle was born and raised in Meriden, and is a product of the Meriden public school system. Kyle is running to give back to the community that has given him a great education. Kyle understands that education is the base to being successful. Please join me in supporting Kyle Abercrombie, Michael Cardona, Steven O’Donnell for Board of Education. Vote Rohde, Lowell, Ford, Mangiaracina, Graham, Castro, Salafia. Keep Meriden moving forward.

State Rep. Cathy Abercrombie, Meriden

Be smart, voters


To all the smart voters in Southington. The Republicans on the Council, Board of Ed, and especially the Finance Board have done an excellent job and we should stay with them. The questions are extremely important. Voting yes would end the “good ole boys” appointment of friends to the police and fire commissions. The people who are given these appointments have “worked” for their party. Plain people who have the power to hire, fire and suspend policemen and firemen. Wrong. That’s for police chiefs and fire chiefs. We the voters have that power, but few go to the polls.

Rose Calvo, Plantsville



I had the pleasure of working with Kathy Larkin in the town clerk’s office until my retirement. As a leader, Kathy holds herself to a high standard of excellence, is well organized, has outstanding integrity and respects the view of others. She has an excellent reputation for the work she is currently doing for the town of Southington. Kathy has one of the most important qualities necessary when working with the public and that is her compassion for the human spirit. Help me in supporting her on November 5th. Vote Kathy Larkin town clerk.

Marcianne MacDonald, Plantsville

If it’s not broke . . .


By now, most of the facts are there for anybody interested to see. The fact is that we have a mayor who has kept this town at an AAA credit rating, a multimillion-dollar surplus and economic stability. In my opinion, a vote for Jason Zandri is a vote for higher taxes. New computer systems, services, etc. will cause our taxes to go up and our surplus to go down. Mayor Dickinson loves Wallingford and wants only what’s best for the town and its citizens.

Mary Levesque, Wallingford

Don’t gamble


Wallingford Mayor Bill Dickinson is mature, responsible, frugal, experienced and caring. He looks out for the welfare of our seniors, the future of our youth and the wallets of our taxpayers. Some people want to give that up for inexperience and email. Not I. I don’t want to gamble with Wallingford’s future.

David Gessert, Wallingford

Your voice


Experience, Transparency, Honesty — fair taxes for all Southington residents. You deserve a voice in your own government. Let your voice ring loud. Take government back on Election Day.

Sandra Feld, Southington


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