Readers’ Opinions, 10-21-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-21-2013


‘Aha’ moments


My name is Daiva Morales and I had the honor of being a part of Meriden’s Teen Forum. I was a teen parent and being currently a parent of a teen, being part of this forum gave me many “aha” moments. My aha moment as a parent: I realized I had total control of her life as a baby and now she is growing up and wanting to make her own decisions. As a parent I felt like I was losing control. I wanted to continue making decisions for her. I’m learning how to compromise and communicate, It’s OK, parents. I know I will never understand my daughter enough in her opinion, and sometimes she does not want to talk to me at all. I started to take it personally. Then realized why not use my community for help. She might listen and learn something new as long as it wasn’t me teaching her. That is perfectly fine with me as long as she got what she needed.

Daiva Morales, Meriden

Congressional bullying


Much media exposure is given to what has become a national tragedy, the practice of bullying. We have been presented with several instances of teen suicide directly related to bullying, and we wonder why. In some respects, we probably should be asking, “Why not?” Haven’t we just been exposed to bullying practices by some of our most trusted elected officials in Washington? Aren’t many of our semi-somnolent Congressmen and Congresswomen cowed by a relatively few of their colleagues by the threat of being “primaried-against” in an upcoming bid for reelection? We need to ask these representatives, just how much value they place on their pledge to represent the interests of their constituency versus their lust for being returned to the nest of the US House of Representative, and an endless series of self-induced job protections and perks.

Bullying is an insidious process when left undetected or curtailed, but haven’t we been long-introduced to one of its most successful purveyors, Grover Norquist? During the most recent, disgusting exhibition of “spineless-ness” by members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, as well as a US Senator, apparently addicted to photo-ops and nursery rhymes; we must ask ourselves: “How can our children not learn a lesson from this bullying business at the highest levels of our society?” “If it is alright for them, isn’t it alright for me?”

Lawrence Singer, Wallingford

Political Opinions

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When anyone in Wallingford has the opportunity to hear Jason Zandri talk of his vision for running his beloved town efficiently, they cannot help but be impressed by his focused high energy. He has a gift for cutting through management excuses and analyzing the most cost-effective approach to governing. His team includes a dedicated group of candidates: Nick Economopolous, Vin Testa, Debbie Reynolds, Dana Camp, Larry Russo and John Sullivan for Town Council, and Jay Cei, Mike Votto, Lorraine Connelly, Kathy Castelli, Pat Reynolds and Patricia Mills for Board of Education. Jason and his team will move Wallingford forward.

Mary Mushinsky, Wallingford

‘Local boy’


I gladly write this letter in support of David Salafia for City Council. David and I have been friends since kindergarten. I am proud that we remain close friends some 45 years later. David is a true “local boy makes good” story. His efforts to improve our downtown show his dedication to the people of Meriden. David believes in the Meriden schools and will continue working towards improving the quality of education for all of Meriden’s children. David has bright ideas and Meriden’s best interest in mind. I urge the citizens of Meriden to cast their votes for David Salafia.

Dan Wodatch, Meriden



We all know that Bob Parisi is a very active town councilman, as well as the chairman of the Town Council. But that is not the whole Bob Parisi. Bob is very active in the organizations that he is committed to and it is not just on a Tuesday night or a phone call, but on a daily basis. The last thing I would like to mention is his total unwavering commitment to his family and friends. I hope you will all vote for Bob Parisi “the man” for town council in this coming election.

Dolly Parisi, Wallingford

Not a mirage


I read with interest, “Letter To Editor,” 10/15/13, “It’s A Mirage.” True, you get more house in Meriden than Wallingford for the same dollar amount; a three bedroom costs more in Wallingford than Meriden. Let’s compare yearly taxes. Our 8-room colonial, two-car garage colonial, Wallingford: 2,098 sq. ft. taxes: $4,900.00; a 6 room Diamond Hill raised ranch: 1,080 sq. ft. Taxes: $4,266.00 We pay only $634.00 more per year in taxes for a larger home. It appears Wallingford is still an “oasis,” not a “mirage.”

John O. Roy, Wallingford

Passion, dedication


Terry Lombardi has my endorsement to be re-elected to the Southington Board of Education. I’ve known Terry for many years and can personally attest to her passion and dedication to education. As a small child who came to this country with very little, her education gave her the opportunity to rise above it all and provide her with tools to achieve a successful career. During her past year on the Board of Education, Terry supported fiscal responsibility, solid basic education programs, and was a strong proponent for increased technology in the school system. We need her voice! Vote for Terry!

Lois Eddins, Plantsville

Charter vote


I am not typically a fan of opening the Charter — however, this time it was done for the right reasons. For far too long, this town has been operated by the “good ole boy network” and nothing is more evident of that than the political appointments on the Police and Fire commissions. They answer to no one and control the two largest budgets on the town side of the equation. It is about time we bring professional management and oversight to these two departments and get rid of political cronyism. Please support charter revision on Election Day. We need it.

David Kimmel, Southington



I have watched Michael Riccio grow up here in town and have watched his many years of service to the people of the town of Southington. Mike has 8 years of prior experience on the Town Council and 8 years of experience on the Planning and Zoning Commission. He currently serves as the chairman of the Parking Authority and the chairman of the Drive-In Committee. Mike is more than qualified to run for and hold a seat on the Town Council. Please come out and support Michael Riccio on Election Day.

Carmillia Kimmel, Southington

Work ethic


I write in support of Tom Lombardi for town council. My family has known Tom for over fifteen years and we have admired his maturity, integrity and willingness to help others, his leadership skills and willingness to sacrifice in order to achieve what was best for his team. Few young people today measure up to Tom’s consistent and admirable work ethic. I am confident that Tom’s commitment to Southington, and his willingness to listen, will make him an outstanding representative. I wholeheartedly support Tom for Town Council and urge voters of all parties to vote for him on November 5.

Janice Rustico, Plantsville



I’m writing to ask Wallingford voters to re-elect my husband, John Sullivan, to the town council. During John’s tenure on the council, he has worked hard to ensure that each of Wallingford’s citizens will be protected. He has fought to restore paramedic services to the town, supported the Board of Education at each budget session, and is always available to listen to your questions and concerns. He does not vote along party lines, instead choosing to vote in the manner which will best serve the citizens of Wallingford. He is a forward-thinking councilor. Vote Sullivan!

Suzanne Sullivan, Wallingford

Common sense


I am in support of David Salafia for Meriden City Council. It is not often we have the opportunity to vote for someone so dedicated and caring to the town we live in. You can’t lose! When it comes to working for what is best for Meriden, David will do what it takes to improve our town. He has a unique and broad outlook which allows for common sense results. I recommend you vote for David Salafia.

Rich Pasinski, Meriden

Answers questions


Dan Brunet has been an extremely attentive city councilor that answers all questions and addresses any issues, responding quickly to emails and phone calls. He always knows what is going on in the city, explains why he made decisions (big and small) and will continue to deliver positive oversight to Meriden. We can trust Dan because he has proven his capability and dedication to residents. Dan, thank you for enduring the Meriden Democrats’ continued absurd claims, distortion and attacks; keep representing the people. Please re-elect Dan Brunet and keep dishonesty out of Meriden government.

Bryan Uryase, Meriden

Charter revision


Why should you vote “no”? There has been no demonstrated need to change our charter. The most significant part of our charter, the budget process, doesn’t change, and the day-to-day operation of the two public safety departments will not change. So why is there a need for a change? Citizen involvement has always been a part of Southington’s government since the council-manager charter was adopted. This Republican administration has started down the path of giving all authority to one person and removing binding citizen input from the process. They want to install advisory panels that can, and will be, ignored.

Dennis Conroy, Southington

Charter Revision Commission Member



My husband, Joe Marrone, is running for his 3rd term on the Wallingford Board of Education. As a Sheehan grad, with a son in Pond Hill, another in Stevens, and a future Wallingford student as well, Joe understands the necessity for a quality education for all Wallingford students, and has championed for that as the current Vice-Chair. As a life-long Wallingford resident, he also understands that it is important to get the most effective use out of our tax dollars for the kids; he stands for fiscal accountability and academic rigor. Vote for Joe Marrone for Board of Education (

Mindy Marrone, Wallingford

Not good enough


The Southington Schools are very good schools. Unfortunately, in today’s highly competitive world, very good is no longer good enough. Bill Lutz has the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to help make our schools world-class schools. Bill realizes that great schools not only benefit students, but also the entire community. Bill will work to involve the whole town in creating a vision for our schools that will best serve both our students and our town. A Vote for Bill Lutz is a vote for our kids, our town, and our future.

Betty Lutz, Plantsville



My education, career and public service have taught me the value of teamwork. This election is like no other that I have experienced with regards to direction of our community and opportunity to keep Southington moving forward. I encourage all Southington residents to vote on November 5th and cast their ballot for people that truly support education and believe in honest, respectful government. I run as part of a team, and I believe, that as a group, the Southington Republicans stand for these values. I respectfully seek your support for not only myself, but my team as a whole.

Brian S. Goralski, Plantsville

Stuck in time


William Dickinson has been in office since 1983. Town Hall still seems to be stuck there in time. It would be great to get more information from the town website, paying bills online, having e-billing options, get questions answered online and via email that saves citizens and town workers time and effort, and much more. Jason Zandri can bring this modernization sensibly and cost effectively to Wallingford. Leveraging technology wisely can save money and make Wallingford more attractive to corporations looking to relocate (which increases the grand list, lowering the tax burden on the residents) and bringing jobs here.

Robin Hettrick, Wallingford

Direct deposit


Should there be direct deposit in Wallingford? I grew up there and have been a payroll professional my entire life. Direct deposit is simply the most economical and efficient way to distribute and receive earnings. For employees, it’s possible to have multiple accounts, to look at your earnings online without getting a paper stub, and have money available when the bank opens without making time consuming visits. Employers don’t need resources to create and distribute time sensitive, private financial documents. It’s a win-win outcome for everyone and long overdue.

John Garvin, Southington



Some have questioned Jason Zandri’s qualifications to serve as mayor. Can any of us recall what Mayor Dickinson’s qualifications were so many years ago? If memory serves, Dickinson was a young professional with a family and an avid interest in serving his hometown — not unlike Zandri. Dickinson has served Wallingford well. As he’s aged in place, his attitude has been characterized as imperialistic. Perhaps this is not so much a character flaw as the predictable consequence of stagnant power. It would be an act of grace to recognize this and relinquish the privilege of service to the next generation.

Jan Lyon, Wallingford



I encourage all residents to get out and vote “yes” for the charter revision. This change is for two reasons which include planning our government for the next generations, X, Y and Millenniums. It also brings the fiscal responsibility and accountability of the police and fire departments under the Town Manager, a professional, who answers to the elected policy makers, your Town Council. Currently, the commission seats are party appointments via an antiquated, patronage system. Citizen involvement will remain the same with both boards becoming advisory boards. Vote yes to support continued, positive change for our town.

Al Natelli, Southington Councilor



When people are happy with local government, they typically don’t vote. If you’re happy that we lowered your taxes this year, and happy with the infrastructure improvements, if you’re happy with the Middle School projects, and the Town Hall Annex, if you’re happy with effective and efficient management at Town Hall and all we did for our children’s education in Southington (all-day kindergarten/test scores/turf field) and if you’re happy with the new structure at the senior center, then please come out and vote. Put Republicans back in office so we can continue the progress and momentum for Southington.

Michael A. Riccio, Southington



Southington is very fortunate to have Kathy Larkin seeking the position of the Town Clerk. Kathy has worked for the town of Southington in the Town Clerks office for 28 years and she is currently certified as a town clerk. As the Deputy Town Clerk, she works closely with Leslie Cotton, the current Town Clerk which will make a very smooth transition. I have known Kathy for over 40 years and I feel she is dedicated to the citizens of Southington and will do a fantastic job as the Town Clerk.

Darlene LeVasseur, Plantsville



I have known Christine Mansfield for many years through her work for Holy Trinity School. She is a phenomenal person and should win by a landslide for town council. She owns a small business, she is a mom who is so involved in all of our youth activities, she is smart, talented, I could go on a on. She loves Wallingford and would do a wonderful job on the council. Please vote for Christine, she is who Wallingford needs to serve on the council.

Christi Reig Papa, Wallingford



The West Street corridor in Southington is one of the last remaining, under developed roads in our town. Over the last year and a half, the Republican-led Planning and Zoning Commission has spent countless hours crafting regulations to guide the development of this town asset. They did it with respect to the residential neighborhoods, the land owners on West Street and the wishes of all parties involved. I would personally like to thank all involved in the process for a job well done. Please go vote Republican this year so we can have more of this leadership.

Lena D’Agostino, Southington



Probably the most controversial board in Southington or any town is the Planning and Zoning Commission. More often than not, applications affect neighboring properties which gets people motivated to come out and speak their mind. As far back as I can remember, the Republican lead Planning and Zoning Commission has been fair to all parties and treated the public with respect. Government needs more of that and the Republican Team on the Planning and Zoning Commission should be an example. Come vote on election day and support the Republican team.

Mark Meade, Southington


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