Readers’ Opinions, 10-24-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-24-2013




I have known Tom Lombardi for 15 years. As his soccer coach, I watched him grow into a remarkable young man. It was evident at a young age that Tom was an assertive leader who cared about people around him and the community he lives in. He was raised in a family with a very strong work ethic; he learned from parents who have always been dedicated to serving their community and now he is taking the opportunity to do the same by serving on Southington Town Council. I am certain that his drive and passion will benefit our town.

Keith Langston, Southington



We strongly urge you to consider voting for Bill Lutz, a lifelong educator and public servant, who cares deeply about our community, for the upcoming Board of Education election. It’s important to have someone that’s knowledgeable about today’s ever-changing and evolving education landscape. Bill possesses these characteristics due to his vast experience and prior service to the school systems of the communities to which he’s belonged. Not only has Bill worked as an educator, he’s served on several Boards of Education throughout his career. Bill can help our community provide the top-notch, quality education that our children deserve.

Lynn Potamis/Lisa Kelly, Southington



It is with real pride and enthusiasm that I endorse Zaya Oshana for the Southington Board of Education. As a retired Southington educator and grandparent of six Southington students, I am keenly aware of the need to balance providing a quality education for our children while being aware of the impact of tax increases on town residents. Zaya Oshana has shown in the past that he is aware of the needs of our students and our town. He works constantly to promote high standards in our school system, a record of expecting accountability from all and, more importantly, Zaya listens.

Dan Welch, Southington

Just say ‘no’


The recent Republican Party shutdown of our government was a slap in the face to taxpayers. Peter King (R-NY) described Republican Tea Party members by saying, “They live in these narrow echo chambers. They listen to themselves and their Tea Party friends. That keeps them going, forgetting that the rest of the country thinks they are crazy.” After years of struggle Meriden, Democrats have finally got Meriden moving forward. Please, please do not elect any WTP-endorsed, just say “no” Republicans in charge of Meriden’s future. Vote Mayor Rohde, Luke Ford and the entire Democratic team. Remember in November!

Paul Daniels, Meriden

Proven manager


New technology has been advertised as making the process more efficient. Efficiency means fewer employees if we are to hold costs equal and taxes steady. Fewer employees mean the layoff of Wallingford town employees. There are some things that would make living in Wallingford better — a cordial relationship between our Town Council and Choate Rosemary Hall, improved downtown parking and a residential and commercial complex which would be the hub of downtown. I love living in Wallingford. The power is always on! Bill Dickinson is a proven town manager. Jason Zandri can only dream and promise how he would manage.

Jeff Grunwald, Wallingford

Steps not followed


The Wallingford Public Works Director publicly admitted that he had knowingly and willfully violated local and state environmental laws by dumping prohibited material in an aquifer-protected area from 2009 through 2013. He said he had “higher priorities.” The mayor stated that the director had no other place to dump the materials, yet in 2009 DEP wrote to the mayor and public works director recommending certain steps be taken to correct the problem – steps obviously not followed. By making excuses for, and not taking disciplinary action against, the director, I believe that the mayor has condoned the illegal actions.

Vincent Avallone, Wallingford

The bigger picture


When Bill Dickinson was first elected, although younger than Jason Zandri is now, he already had more and broader knowledge and experience. Dickinson majored in political science, became a lawyer, worked in insurance and gained valuable experience in government operations. He understands how government differs from corporations; for instance, FOI laws apply to government but not to business. Zandri fails to consider that when proposing expanded use of email and other electronic communications. Bill Dickinson has vision and ability to see the bigger picture, and it shows in his excellent management of our town. Please vote Dickinson for mayor.

Sharon Sanders, Wallingford



As an unaffiliated voter, I focus on an individual’s quality of character and commitment. I support David Lowell for Meriden City Council. Working with David for many years, I observe firsthand his ability to think for himself and work collaboratively with others. David understands the importance of Meriden’s financial stability, and the need to attract and retain businesses. We need David’s experience, integrity and commitment to lead the City of Meriden in a positive direction. I encourage you to join me in making the right choice and vote for David Lowell, Councilor at Large.

Dianne Sargalski, Meriden



Wallingford has the lowest mill rate of surrounding towns because Mayor Dickinson believes in spending within our means. Our town has a AAA bond rating along with great electric rates. Mayor Bill is working toward a 100-percent graduation rate in our schools. He has always been deeply involved in community activities. He has always dedicated himself to do what’s best for our entire community. Wallingford and our mayor is the envy of many communities. Let’s continue to prosper. Please vote for Mayor Bill Dickinson on November 5.

John Uraco, Wallingford



City Councilor Larue Graham is committed to the future of our children and our city. As the father of three children in the Meriden school system, a coach of both youth softball and football teams, and league president for Jack Barry Little League he is a role model for children throughout our entire city. He realizes that we must make decisions today based upon the consequences that these decisions will have tomorrow. He has supported the renovation of our two high schools and will continue to put the needs of our children first. Join me and vote for Larue Graham.

Doug Bartolomeo, Meriden



Mayor Mike Rohde is Meriden’s most fervent supporter. Throughout Connecticut he is known for singing the praises of our community. He has spent more than 20 years dedicated to serving the people of Meriden as an elected official. As such, he has taken our city from one with a flood-plagued downtown to one on the verge of a complete transformation. His focus has never wavered and his pride in our community is genuine to his core. You will not find a mayor who cares more, or can do more, about the future success of Meriden than Mike Rohde.

State Sen. Danté Bartolomeo, Meriden



As CEO/President of New Opportunities Inc., my 20-year relationship with Meriden Mayor Mike Rohde has continually demonstrated his unstinting commitment to the region’s low-income, elderly and working-poor residents. His consensus-based manner has sped hope and help to thousands of low-income citizens and his wisdom has advanced the work of countless panels, boards and councils throughout Connecticut. Mayor Rohde’s diligence also helped catalyze major building programs that will eventually reposition the city into its rightful place of prominence in the Nutmeg State. Washington D.C. can learn much from Meriden’s CEO.

James H. Gatling, Waterbury

Clear vision


I strongly endorse Mayor Mike Rohde for reelection. As a former Meriden City Councilman, I worked closely with Mike and found him to be professional, committed and determined to move Meriden forward. On the other hand, his opponent Manny Santos, seems to be confused. He praises the major projects that are happening but doesn’t want to take the federal and state funding that makes them possible. He criticizes the condition of the parks and then criticizes the upgrades being made to City Park. Support Mike Rohde for Mayor — he has a clear vision and makes positive things happen.

Trevor Thorpe, Wallingford


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