Readers’ Opinions, 10-30-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-30-2013


The Quinnipiac


Thanks for your good editorial (R-J, 10-28). There are negotiations underway for better treatment of wastewater in Q River towns. We look forward to working with the Quinnipiac River Watershed Association on continuing cleanup of this major waterway. Wildlife and boaters are returning. (The writer is the executive director of Rivers Alliance of Connecticut.)

Margaret Miner, Litchfield

Assistant chiefs


I have been a firefighter for close to 18 years and have served under many assistant chiefs (A/C) during that time. I cannot think of two assistant chiefs with such exceptional fire command experience as A/C Louis DiGennaro and retired A/C Joseph Kaminski. These two have an incredible knowledge of firefighting that is second to none! The Meriden Fire Department and its citizens are extremely fortunate to have/had them to ensure their safety.

Steve Mauri, Higganum

Children’s Halloween


The Wallingford Public Celebrations Committee, the Park and Recreation Department, held their annual Halloween celebration on Friday, Oct. 25, in front of the Town Hall, attended by a large number of children. The children participated in stuffing scarecrows with hay, the haystack egg hunt, and enjoying Halloween music. Donuts, juice and candy were provided. A photo booth and cotton candy were also available.

Our special thanks to Lou Ferraro for the Halloween music, Kim Larkin for the arts and crafts. Our thanks to all who participated in this annual event, the Lyman Hall Key Club, Park and Recreation Department, Wallingford Center Inc., Police Department, Public Works Department, Electric Division and members of the Public Celebrations Committee. Submitted to the R-J on behalf of Lorraine Devaney, chairman, Public Celebrations Committee; Michelle Bjorkman, superintendent of recreation, Park and Recreations Department.

Lorraine Devaney, Wallingford

Not true


“Vote for any nine.” In Wallingford, as well as many other Connecticut towns, that is what is printed on the ballot. It looks like you must vote for nine or your ballot will get rejected, even though that means voting for members of the opposing party. It is amazing how many people believe that you must vote for nine. That is not true. What it really means is that you can’t vote for more than nine. But you don’t have to vote for members of the opposing party. By doing that, you are giving them extra votes that may get a majority of them elected. So, save your votes for only those you want in office; you may vote for up to nine, you don’t have to vote for nine.

Robert Olesen, Wallingford

Political Opinions

(100 words maximum. Deadline is 4 p.m. today: Wednesday, Oct. 30.)

Honest, upstanding


I have known Bill Dickinson and his family for many years. I know him to be an honest and upstanding man with strong values and a deep commitment to the town of Wallingford. I don’t know anyone who is more hardworking or more conscientious than he is. His leadership has served our town very well, and we are very fortunate to have him as our mayor. He has earned our respect and our support. Please vote to re-elect Bill Dickinson. You’ll be glad you did.

Joan Ginter, Wallingford

No special interests


I am proud to support to Josh Broekstra for Meriden City Council. He is a hard worker, passionate about Meriden, and is in touch with the concerns of the citizens. Josh will ensure that voices are heard, City Hall becomes more small business-friendly and special interests are kept out of our local government. Join me in voting Josh Broekstra, 2A, to Meriden’s City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Daniel Murchison, Meriden

Get on right track


For Meriden to succeed, small businesses need to be attracted to Meriden, and more importantly, small businesses already here need to be given reasons to stay. As a small business owner, I am wholeheartedly supporting Dan Brunet, Josh Broekstra and Lenny Rich for City Council. In these three fine individuals do you have the knowledge, life experiences and common sense that can help put Meriden on the track to prosperity. Please vote for Dan Brunet, Josh Broekstra and Lenny Rich on Tuesday, Nov. 5, to help Meriden get on the right track.

Gregory S. Maloney, Meriden

Deserves our votes


I write to encourage Southington citizens to vote for Kathy Larkin as town clerk. She has fulfilled all of the necessary legal qualifications to do an outstanding job, and she has demonstrated for many years on the job the patience, pleasantness and understanding that make it a pleasure for the public to visit the office. In years of work that took me into many town clerks’ offices in Connecticut, I have come to appreciate the excellence of our Southington town clerk’s procedures and service. Kathy Larkin has been a key part of the office’s success. She deserves our votes.

Carl J. Sokolowski, Southington

The honest candidate


Dan Brunet’s positive and respectable contributions to Meriden as a councilor are immeasurable. Along with simply taking care of constituents by being extremely responsive to all concerns, no matter how big or small, Dan is the honest candidate you can count on to follow his moral compass and make the right decision with taxpayers in mind. He is open, proactive and accessible, regularly communicating political activity with constituents and the press. Just call him up or send over an email — he always replies promptly. We need to re-elect Dan Brunet on November 5th.

Mark Manter, Meriden

Save our city


We have a 10.3 percent unemployment rate in Meriden, versus 8.2 percent statewide, and very high taxes. An NPR broadcast on October 21st reported that Meriden’s home values are dead last in resale value compared to similar cities in Connecticut. And honestly, people can get off the train in Meriden today but choose not to, so why will they come to a dead downtown where there are still no tax incentives for businesses to come here? The Democrats have promised us for years to fix things and still haven’t. Vote Republican and We The People to save our city.

Kathy Horsky, Meriden

A viable town


Because Bill Dickinson makes a thorough, in-depth analysis of issues, he makes sound and well-reasoned decisions that have led Wallingford to the stable financial position we enjoy today. We have the lowest real estate taxes among our surrounding towns, a AAA bond rating and a town that remains viable in these tough economic times. On Election day vote for Bill Dickinson and the Republican Team.

Catharine Beaumont, Wallingford

For the whole city


On Nov 5th when you vote, please join me and vote David Salafia for City Council. David’s past experience on the council will allow him to cut the learning curve since he has council experience. David served with me on the council, he always did his homework, went neighborhood meetings and returned calls and emails. David will lobby the council for issues that will directly help you and your family’s quality of life. David will be your voice, he will hear your concerns and will work across the aisle to reach a common goal for the whole city.

Keith Gordon, S. Meriden

Move forward


Dan Brunet and Bob Williams are two of my colleagues on the City Council. They are trustworthy and I know they have the best interest in mind for Meriden and our citizens when making decisions. It is critical to elect individuals that have proven to work across party lines and do what is right. I can honestly say Dan and Bob are an asset to the council and our city. Please support them with your vote this November as we look to move Meriden forward in the upcoming years.

Kevin Scarpati, Meriden

Vote for real change


Together, we can take our country back; it starts with smart Americans like Manny Santos, whose only agenda is for the citizens of Meriden and not big unions and other good ole’ boys who now control our town. Vote for Manny Santos for a real change we can all believe in.

Thomas Vandal, Meriden

Protect our safety


It was great news to hear that Democrat Luke Ford is the Area 3 candidate endorsed by the Meriden Fire Department for City Council this fall! Luke Ford understands the importance of keeping all of our fire houses open to ensure rapid response times to medical and fire emergencies. His opponent, incumbent Dan Brunet, seems to think closing Engine 3 is a good idea. We need Luke Ford in office so he can protect our safety by supporting the brave men and women of the Meriden Fire Department. Vote for Democrat Luke Ford this November.

Michael Easter, Newtown

He can fix Meriden


I support Manny Santos for Mayor of Meriden. I have known Manny well for the last seven years. He is a man of extraordinary character, work ethic, and sound judgment. He works in the private sector, and his job as a mechanical engineer is to spot problems and to fix them. Manny defended our freedom as a U.S. Marine in Iraq. He can fix Meriden. It’s time to remove the politicians who make the same empty promises every election to protect their special interests and pick someone who can deliver. Vote for Manny Santos on November 5th.

Shelby Bellemare, Meriden

Time to vote ‘no’


It is time to review the two years the candidates have been in office and decide if you are satisfied with what they have accomplished. Remember the complaints you had? Do you feel the departments acted for you, the people, or do you feel that they could have done much better. Do you want to keep them in office? Remember, each and everyone of us is in the driver’s seat! Now it is our turn. Your vote does count. Also, please, do not forget the charter changes. I intend to vote “no” to the changes. Thank you.

Mary S. Morelli, Southington

Working for us


How much more baloney will Meriden voters stand for? The current administration has had its way with us for years. Three problems with the Democrats in power: PLA, PLA and PLA. How much special interest involvement is there in their other city projects? Councilors Brunet and Williams fought to stop PLA, but the mayor overrode them and pushed the PLA though. We need Manny Santos as Mayor — with a new vision, and working for us instead of special interests. For a better Meriden, vote for: Santos, Brunet, Rich, Broekstra, Pandiani, Hozebin, Ryder, Williams, and Perry.

Ellen Pronovost, Meriden

No solutions


As a former speaker of the house, once stated, “All politics are local.” Similar to what recently happened in Washington, local Republicans prove to be obstructionist, with no ideas, just constant criticism. Their only contribution is to reject the ideas of others but never offering an idea of their own. Voters overwhelmingly disagreed with these tactics, however; local Republicans do the same thing. It’s time to get rid of the elected officials who offer no solutions to resident’s concerns. Residents should demand the same accountability in their local officials.

Craig Hanson, Meriden

Positive change


The next three years will bring unbelievable positive change to Meriden. The improvements will include two new high schools, a downtown green, downtown flood control, a new transportation center, and Gravel Street reconstruction — all brought to fruition by the Democratic leadership on the City Council over the constant obstructions of the minority parties. Meriden is moving in the right direction, for this generation and the next, and your vote can keep Meriden moving forward. Please vote for Democrats Mike Rohde, Luke Ford, Larue Graham, Miguel Castro, Phil Mangiaracina, David Lowell and David Salafia. Thank you for your support.

Brian P. Daniels, Majority Leader

Meriden City Council

Not tuned in


Eric Cotton’s commentary (R-J, 10-27) was spot on. Email to and from residents, interoffice personal, department heads and department employees is crucial. It saves time and the beautiful thing — it is a permanent, written record. No dispute — no, he or she said. It is all there in black and white. That is what efficient, intelligent people in this world do. Vote for Jason Zandri. Wallingford is the only town in Connecticut not tuned into this century. When Dickinson first became mayor, he was totally experienced. And it hasn’t changed, sadly enough.

Kathy Avery, Wallingford

Elect conservatives


If the Meriden taxpayer is concerned about paying high property taxes, now is the time to elect all candidates from the We The People and Republican parties. We have to elect conservative council members who will vote to protect the gains we taxpayers have made in a lifetime; and we certainly don’t need any new Democrat social service programs — enough is enough. I firmly believe every citizen is entitled to a maximum return for every dollar they spend. I urge you to vote for the candidates from the above parties; they represent the best interests of the taxpayers of Meriden.

Walter A. Shamock, Meriden



As Meriden’s mayor, Mike Rohde’s leadership and support for major projects and initiatives have brought a positive and long-awaited transformation to our community – two high schools under like-new reconstruction and the downtown Hub/Park project ready to begin with the new transit center soon to follow. Also, the Linear Trail Phase II is now open and substantial City Park improvements are underway. His opponent talks vaguely about “changing direction.” This is not required because Mayor Mike has Meriden progressing forward. What direction does Manny Santos have in mind? If it’s the usual Republican tack, that direction is toward the port of “No.”

Ray Gawlak, Meriden



Our mayor, Michael S. Rohde, has enormous experience, capability and integrity. He is deeply dedicated to the best interests of our community. I urge all of you to re-elect Michael S. Rohde as Meriden’s mayor. A vote for Michael is a vote for the betterment of our City of Meriden. Also, David Lowell is a very talented and devoted public servant. He is a true leader. David is totally committed to he betterment of Meriden. A win for David Lowell on City Council will be a win for the City of Meriden.

E. Jack Shorr, Meriden

Best, brightest


I urge you to elect David D. Lowell to the Meriden City Council. I have known him for over 10 years. He is a very caring, capable and honest man. His character is impeccable. During these challenging times, Meriden needs the best and the brightest on the City Council. David D. Lowell is such a man.

Flora D. Shorr, Meriden



It has been my pleasure to serve these past two terms on the Wallingford Town Council. The economic times surrounding Wallingford, both, in Connecticut and throughout the US have been nothing less than challenging. My experience has benefited from my mentors who have served with and before me, as well as the leadership of Mayor Dickinson. I ask Wallingford residents for their votes and the continued support of a town government which is concerned about the well-being and finances of the people of Wallingford. Please, vote for Mayor Dickinson, my fellow Republican councilors, and me on November 5th.

Vinny Cervoni, Wallingford

Positive ideas


During each election period, we must look for those capable and willing to bring Meriden forward with positive ideas and active participation in bringing those ideas to reality. Following his formal education at the University of Connecticut, Kyle Abercrombie returns to his hometown to be one of our next generation of leaders needed, and with both the ability and energy to meet the challenges of this position. On November 5th, please join me in voting for my son, and our newest Board of Education leader, Kyle Abercrombie.

John Abercrombie, Meriden

Put a stop to ‘no’


Meriden needs a city councilor who can work together to get things done. Democrat Luke Ford has proven he can work with the mayor and city council leadership. The opposition seems quite capable of saying “no” on the other hand, yet offering no alternatives. These are very hard times, and elected officials need to lead and make the tough decisions that will keep the city of Meriden moving in a positive direction. Let’s put a stop to “no” on November 5. Please vote Democrat Luke Ford for Meriden City Council.

Kurt Daenekindt, Meriden



Meriden City Councilor Bob Williams has taken the time to investigate the operations of each department in the city, which allows him to make sound decisions based on first-hand knowledge. He listens to the voices of the people with his monthly open forum at the South Meriden police sub-station. Bob has honored our veterans and heroes with war memorials and 9/11 ceremonies. I am a Meriden firefighter and resident, and I endorse Bob Williams for City Council. Please help Bob Williams continue to improve our City of Meriden by giving him your vote on row C on Election Day.

Robert Gawel, Meriden

Clear vision


This letter is written to enthusiastically endorse candidate David Salafia for an At-Large City Council position. David has a proven track record of doing what is best for the citizens of Meriden. More importantly, he is a person with a clear vision of what is needed to make Meriden a better place to live in the future. I urge the voters of Meriden to join me in supporting David Salafia on election day. A vote for Salafia is one for progress, integrity and the overall best interests of our city.

Paul Bourdon, Meriden



Bob Williams have proven himself and should be re-elected as councilor for area 4 in Meriden. He does what is right instead of what is easy for the residents and taxpayers. You can call Bob at any time. He is there to listen and will do his best to address your concerns. Join me in re-electing him to another term.

Jean Porschen, S. Meriden

Moving ahead


I will be supporting the entire Democratic slate in Meriden this Election Day. Whether in Washington or in our own town, we have seen embarrassing behavior by Republicans, the Tea Party and the local We the People Party. If you are someone who does not believe in government, please do not seek elective office in your zeal to damage it. Our Democratic officials have demonstrated responsibility, committed to making government work better for all of us. Keep Meriden moving ahead by voting for Rohde, Lowell, Salafia, Castro, Graham, Ford, Mangiaracina, Cardona, O’Donnell and Abercrombie.

Jeffrey Freiser, Meriden

Public service


Larue Graham has more than proven himself and earned re-election to the Meriden City Council. For years he has been a model of community service, volunteering endless hours to provide our young people with positive recreational activities. He then brought that same passion and energy to his position on the Council. In these days when voters are cynical about politics, Larue Graham reminds us about what is truly best in public service. Vote for Larue Graham and the entire Democratic ticket on November 5.

Madeline Gallagher, Meriden

Deep appreciation


Luke J. Ford has been my father for 25 years. Through this time, he has instilled me with a deep appreciation for working class people through speech and action. He and my mother have supported our family through both lay-offs and times of plenty. He lives through and understands the strife of average citizens and, more than that, he will listen to your problems and work for you as best he can. As an elected official, I am sure he will do all he can to protect the rights and advance the lives of Meriden’s working-class citizens.

Tyler J. Ford, Boston



When you vote for Bob Parisi for Wallingford Town Council, you are voting for a veteran legislator that has a tremendous track record for getting things done for the residents of our town. This is so important in this day and age of complicated government. Bob always cuts through the red tape and finds answers, then gets back to the person needing the help. He is a rare person indeed. Please support Bob with your vote on November 5th.

John DeNino, Yalesville



Bob Parisi has served the Town of Wallingford with distinction for more than a few years. He is running for office again, and I ask all voters to vote for this man. I have had to call on Bob from time to time over the years to answer questions about town government or to help me with an issue I was having. He has always gone out of his way to help. And he calls back to make sure that I am comfortable with the solution. It is that kind of follow-through that makes him an exceptional public servant.

Vinnie Christoni, Wallingford



I am pleased to have the opportunity to support Bob Parisi for re-election to the Wallingford Town Council. I have always been impressed with his calm leadership especially during town council meetings when the discussions become heated. Bob’s calm demeanor and respect for the citizens and his peers in town council chambers keeps the meetings productive. He injects humor at just the right times when the tension mounts on a controversial issue. He is also to be commended for the interest that he takes in the community supporting many Wallingford events and activities on weekends and evenings.

Karen K. Weeks, Wallingford

Why change?


Wallingford Mayor Dickinson states that “we encouraged the opening of 47 new businesses, we are keeping taxes low, maintaining low electric rates, investing in public education, purchasing technology, and maintaining a AAA credit rating.” Why would anyone want a “change”? Vote for Bill Dickinson on November 5th.

Marilyn Hausmann, Wallingford



I’ve had the pleasure of growing up next door to Luke J Ford. He is a man that is dedicated to his family his job and now to the future of Meriden; he will work hard to keep Meriden moving forward.

Ellen Mottram, Meriden

Public safety


Last week’s City Council debate confirmed which candidates support public safety. When asked if they opposed closing Engine 3, both Democrats Luke Ford and Larue Graham emphatically stated that they would fight to keep Engine 3 open. When Republican Dan Brunet was asked the same question, he refused to answer yes or no! That told me everything. I am voting Democrat this fall because I support our firefighters. If you want to maintain our public safety, then join me in voting Democrat too.

Timothy Mottram, Meriden



Tuesday, November 5th, I will be casting my vote in Cheshire for the entire Republican slate of candidates. I hope others will do the same. After listening to the LWV Town Council Candidates’ Forum, it was clear that the Republican candidates’ responses to questions showed that they were more aware of the issues in town, their explanations made more sense than the Democrats, and they would be better able to balance the wants and needs of our town. It seemed to me that the Democratic candidates were just saying what they thought we’d want to hear when answering the questions.

Sue Zentek, Cheshire


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