Political Opinions, 10-31-2013 (received before the 10-30-13 deadline)

Political Opinions, 10-31-2013 (received before the 10-30-13 deadline)




Meriden is very lucky to have David Salafia re-entering the political arena and I urge everyone to vote for him. I met David when our sons attended a birthday party many years ago. I was impressed with his devotion as a father and that gave me strong insight into the quality of his character. I observed his devotion to the City of Meriden when he served on the City Council, in his role as the family-school liaison and coaching children’s sports in the city. David is passionate about Meriden and the city will be well-served by him.

Amy E. Thompson, Wallingford

Moving ahead


I will be supporting the entire Democratic slate in Meriden this Election Day. Whether in Washington or in our own town, we have seen embarrassing behavior by Republicans, the Tea Party and the local We the People Party. If you are someone who does not believe in government, please do not seek elective office in your zeal to damage it. Our Democratic officials have demonstrated responsibility, committed to making government work better for all of us. Keep Meriden moving ahead by voting for Rohde, Lowell, Salafia, Castro, Graham, Ford, Mangiaracina, Cardona, O’Donnell and Abercrombie.

Jeffrey Freiser, Meriden

Public service


Larue Graham has more than proven himself and earned re-election to the Meriden City Council. For years he has been a model of community service, volunteering endless hours to provide our young people with positive recreational activities. He then brought that same passion and energy to his position on the Council. In these days when voters are cynical about politics, Larue Graham reminds us about what is truly best in public service. Vote for Larue Graham and the entire Democratic ticket on November 5.

Madeline Gallagher, Meriden

Deep appreciation


Luke J. Ford has been my father for 25 years. Through this time, he has instilled me with a deep appreciation for working class people through speech and action. He and my mother have supported our family through both lay-offs and times of plenty. He lives through and understands the strife of average citizens and, more than that, he will listen to your problems and work for you as best he can. As an elected official, I am sure he will do all he can to protect the rights and advance the lives of Meriden’s working-class citizens.

Tyler J. Ford, Boston



When you vote for Bob Parisi for Wallingford Town Council, you are voting for a veteran legislator that has a tremendous track record for getting things done for the residents of our town. This is so important in this day and age of complicated government. Bob always cuts through the red tape and finds answers, then gets back to the person needing the help. He is a rare person indeed. Please support Bob with your vote on November 5th.

John DeNino, Yalesville



Bob Parisi has served the town of Wallingford with distinction for more than a few years. He is running for office again, and I ask all voters to vote for this man. I have had to call on Bob from time to time over the years to answer questions about town government or to help me with an issue I was having. He has always gone out of his way to help. And he calls back to make sure that I am comfortable with the solution. It is that kind of follow-through that makes him an exceptional public servant.

Vinnie Christoni, Wallingford



I am pleased to have the opportunity to support Bob Parisi for re-election to the Wallingford Town Council. I have always been impressed with his calm leadership especially during town council meetings when the discussions become heated. Bob’s calm demeanor and respect for the citizens and his peers in town council chambers keeps the meetings productive. He injects humor at just the right times when the tension mounts on a controversial issue. He is also to be commended for the interest that he takes in the community supporting many Wallingford events and activities on weekends and evenings.

Karen K. Weeks, Wallingford

Why change?


Wallingford Mayor Dickinson states that “we encouraged the opening of 47 new businesses, we are keeping taxes low, maintaining low electric rates, investing in public education, purchasing technology, and maintaining a AAA credit rating.” Why would anyone want a “change”? Vote for Bill Dickinson on November 5th.

Marilyn Hausmann, Wallingford



I’ve had the pleasure of growing up next door to Luke J Ford. He is a man that is dedicated to his family his job and now to the future of Meriden; he will work hard to keep Meriden moving forward.

Ellen Mottram, Meriden

Public safety


Last week’s City Council debate confirmed which candidates support public safety. When asked if they opposed closing Engine 3, both Democrats Luke Ford and Larue Graham emphatically stated that they would fight to keep Engine 3 open. When Republican Dan Brunet was asked the same question, he refused to answer yes or no! That told me everything. I am voting Democrat this fall because I support our firefighters. If you want to maintain our public safety, then join me in voting Democrat too.

Timothy Mottram, Meriden



Tuesday, November 5th, I will be casting my vote in Cheshire for the entire Republican slate of candidates. I hope others will do the same. After listening to the LWV Town Council Candidates’ Forum, it was clear that the Republican candidates’ responses to questions showed that they were more aware of the issues in town, their explanations made more sense than the Democrats, and they would be better able to balance the wants and needs of our town. It seemed to me that the Democratic candidates were just saying what they thought we’d want to hear when answering the questions.

Sue Zentek, Cheshire

A mistake


Since we had council, town manager we had our people working with the police and fire chiefs. These people did a lot of work and did not receive any salary. Now nine Republicans want the town manager make the chiefs report to him. This is a mistake because our people will be shut out and the town manager would get a bump in salary. Remember that the town manger had to fire two people in town hall when he came. Chiefs beware. When you get to vote say NO and keep our people doing the job!

Gerald P. Crean, Southington

Make up his mind?


Can Jason Zandri make up his mind? On one hand, he claims that Wallingford residents are overtaxed. But in April, he characterized Mayor Dickinson’s budget as “bare bones” (R-J, 4-25). In May, with additional cuts in state funding, he said that increasing taxes instead of reducing the educational increases would only mean $5 more monthly for the average household. He said, “The lesser of two evils here is to charge a little more in taxes.” (R-J, 5-16). So, does he really believe we’re overtaxed, or that we can pay more? Is he trying to score points in an election year?

Arleen Whelan, Wallingford



Please join me in supporting David Lowell for City Council on November 5th. David is an experienced local businessman with a passion for Meriden. He gets involved in his work and community life with a positive attitude to make things better. He is not a “yes man.” He is analytical, looks at the whole picture and makes suggestions and decisions that are the best organizationally and financially. Meriden needs a councilman of David’s experience and character. Please vote for David Lowell, Councilman At Large for the betterment of Meriden.

Donna M. Hunter, Meriden

Straight talk


Meriden Mayor Mike Rohde serves others in every aspect of his life, which is one of remarkable accomplishment. As a founder of Meriden’s Relay for Life and a cancer survivor himself, he exemplified hope, purpose and community. As City Councilor and Mayor, he has positioned Meriden to become a center of commuter-rail/economic development. His relentless focus on flood control has laid a foundation for new possibilities in the center city. Mike excels at leading a team of hard-working councilors through action and straight talk. Vote Mayor Mike Rohde and his Democratic Team.

Tom Luby, Old Saybrook



I encourage all Meriden voters to continue to support the Democratic Team this election day. The Row B candidates are consistent in their efforts to improve Meriden and have shown their commitment by voting to renovate our high schools, control flooding, and revitalize our downtown with new recreation, housing, and business opportunities. Meridenites should expect vision and leadership from their elected officials, and the Meriden Democrats continue to deliver on their promises. So join me in supporting Mayor Rohde; council candidates Castro, Ford, Graham, Lowell, Mangiarcina and Salafia; and Board of Education candidates Abercrombie, Cardona, and O’Donnell on November 5th.

Michael D. Quinn, Meriden



I’ve been an education advocate for many years, serving terms on the CT PTA Board, Southington PTA Council, Southington Board of Education, CREC Council, CREC Foundation, South End/Plantsville School Renovation Committee, and Southington Education Foundation. I am a 35-year employee of Hartford HealthCare in the technology field. With this background I feel I have the skills needed to help our school system prepare students for the 21st century. I would be honored to serve on the Southington Board of Education and I ask for your vote. (Democratic candidate, Southington BOE.)

Jerry Belanger, Southington



I’m writing this letter in support of David Lowell continuing his seat on the City Council. I’ve known David for almost 30 years and during that time he has demonstrated confidence, integrity, problem-solving abilities, concern for others — the list is endless. David is a man who thrives on taking on challenges, meeting them head on and resolving them in a way that is best for everyone it affects. He is a man that we the people of Meriden deserve to have represented us on the City Council.

Dennis J. Hunter, Meriden

A joke


Approximately 15 years ago, I had a business meeting with Bill Dickinson to set up a competition between fire and police departments to serve the people of Connecticut in a charity event. To get the word out, I asked the mayor to use email. He stated he wouldn’t allow it because didn’t want his employees reading jokes during the work day. Fifteen years later, when the world is trying to multitask, our mayor is still working in the “Flintstones” world with his employees looking at him as the joke. Vote for Jason Zandri; bring Wallingford out of the comic strips.

Bobbi Doolittle-Cislo, Yalesville



Dan Brunet has been an important part of the City Council for four years. He cares about what’s best for Meriden’s taxpayers and image, making smart, honorable choices. He creates a healthy, balanced government with honest debate and dialogue, and even teamed with highly partisan Democrat majority on the check cashing ban and the infamous taxpayer-sapping PLA because it was the right thing to do. Dan does not bow before special interests and we need to keep him in office to maintain vital checks and balances. Re-elect Dan Brunet on November 5th.

Rebekah Jean Flynn, Wallingford

Needed voice


I am Luke J. Ford, Democratic candidate for Meriden City Council Area 3. I want to personally thank everyone who has taken the time to speak with me while campaigning. Questions were often asked about the Gravel Street Reconstruction Project starting next year. Many East Side residents, students, parents, neighbors and my own family will be affected by this project daily, until its completion. With your support, I will be the needed voice on the City Council to see this project completed in a safe and timely manner. Every vote is important. Please vote for Luke J. Ford, row 2B.

Luke J. Ford, Meriden



I have known Mike Rohde for thirty-five years. In his role as an elected official, he has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the city of Meriden. He has made a positive impact on his community. He has been a supporter of programs and services for children and families, a founder and past chairman of the Relay for Life, a champion of the downtown flood control project, a tireless advocate for Meriden and he is a supporter of many community events. Mike Rohde is an active, hands-on mayor who does not only talk about doing something positive for Meriden.

Susan L. Reale, Meriden



I am an unaffiliated voter. When I vote I always look at the character of the person, their ideas, and their commitment to Meriden. Josh Broekstra is getting my vote on Nov 5th. Josh is a self-starter, and a hard worker. He has very good ideas to help Meriden such as restructuring collection of car taxes, and he gets involved in the community by volunteering in several nonprofit organizations. Josh will make sure that all voices are heard and all ideas are listened to. Help me make Meriden better by also voting for Josh Broekstra on November 5th.

Jason Morgan, Meriden



I am writing this to express my support for the Republican and We the People Party candidates in the upcoming election. I am proud to join all the other members of the Suzio family in support of Manny Santos for Mayor and Josh Broekstra, Dan Brunet, Bob Williams, Ron Perry, Lenny Rich, and Lynn Ryder for City Council. Meriden needs bipartisan government and more open-minded leadership.

Josh Suzio, Meriden



Kim Carbone-Pandiani is honest, hardworking, intelligent, and compassionate The students and parents of Meriden are fortunate to have her working on their behalf to improve the school system in this town. She makes it her priority when a parent or student contacts her with their concerns. She truly cares about the children and their families. So, on November 5 I encourage your readers to vote for Kim for the Meriden Board of Education so she can continue to be a voice for the children of the Meriden public schools.

Louise I. Messier, Meriden

‘My dad’


My name is Riley Sullivan, my dad (John Sullivan) is running for re-election to Wallingford Town Council. He makes good choices and decisions as a Councilor. Dad goes to lots of meetings and cares about our town. My Dad doesn’t play politics, always tells the truth, and is good at his job. Please vote for my Dad so he can continue representing the people of Wallingford. Dad cares very much about little kids like me and our seniors. My Dad loves Wallingford and promises to keep it safe and financially secure, with a competitive and challenging school system. No homework.

Riley Sullivan, Wallingford



I’m writing this letter in support of my husband Mike Cardona for his re-election to the BOE. Mike’s integrity, candor and commitment to excellence makes him an ideal leader in our community. I am very proud of his dedication to our children’s educational success. He does not look for the limelight but rather the results that all concerned parents and residents of Meriden should expect from their education system. We need more leaders like Mike that will provide the oversight and innovative ideas to move us forward. Please join me on November 5th to vote for Mike Cardona for BOE.

Lizbeth Cardona, Meriden



I am asking the Southington voters to support my candidacy for the Board of Finance. In order for Southington to move forward it is imperative to vote for the Democrats on Row B. If you are tired of the republicans helping themselves to sweetheart deals and not watching out for the education of our children vote Democrats. Consider one statistic: when Democrats were in the majority education was 118 out of 169 in per pupil expenditures. After 4 years under Republican control, Southington is 144 out of 169. If you want improvement vote for the Democrats, ROW B on Election Day.

John Moise, Southington

Thorny taxes


As Election Day nears, most people have made up their mind for whom they will cast their vote. Opinions have been expressed, and lobbying has occurred. Many issues have been addressed including taxes, the ever-present thorn. Taxpayers take note, Meriden taxes will not decrease. As long as working class residents continue to foot the bill for the “squatters” who do not pay taxes, increases will continue. One way to curb tax increases is to elect Lenny Rich. Lenny knows how to budget money and will keep the best interests of taxpayers in mind, if elected.

Andy Rich, Meriden

Don’t change


Today, Wallingford has lower taxes than nearby towns; our utility costs are lower; we have world-class fire and police departments; good schools; and a town hall you can actually call and talk to a live person. We don’t want things changed. We have an excellent mayor providing excellent town services. A mayor who will return your calls and meet with you to discuss any of your concerns. We do not need another tax and spend politician lacking both education and real-world experience who would be responsible for running a town with revenues of $140,000,000. Vote for Mayor Bill Dickinson.

Patricia A. Bauers, Wallingford



As a Democratic candidate for Town Clerk of Southington and lifelong Southington resident, I offer the most important qualities needed for this position. My smile is genuine and my passion is real. I give you honesty, integrity and the ability to relate to people. I will continue to adapt to advancing technology without losing our small hometown atmosphere. I have greeted and assisted you in this office for 11 years and embrace the opportunity to continue to meet your needs professionally and confidently as your new Town Clerk. I thank you and ask for your vote on Nov. 5th.

Sandra ‘Sandi’ Brunoli, Plantsville



We live at a time when many in power believe that there needs to be a legislative solution to every problem. This has led to spending that is out of control and crushing regulations at both the state and federal levels. Here in Wallingford, we have quietly taken a different approach. A great deal of the credit for this belongs to our Mayor who has exercised fiscal restraint, good judgment, and is deeply involved in the community. I urge you to stick with the proven track record and vote for Bill Dickinson for Mayor and the Republican team.

Joe Marrone, Wallingford



Please re-elect John Sullivan to the Wallingford Town Council. John has worked tirelessly to support the citizens of Wallingford. Having a young children in the town’s school system, he fully supports our town’s schools as well as other youth organizations. John is always willing to listen to citizens’ concerns and always checks both sides of a story before casting his vote. During his two terms on the council, he has shown himself to be a thoughtful and dedicated leader. Let’s keep Wallingford moving forward and growing, vote for John Sullivan on November 5th.

Anne Sweeney, Wallingford



Luke Ford is a candidate for City Council. He’s been an active participant on projects to expand development and growth in Meriden, and cares deeply about bringing employment opportunities to our city. If you live in Area 3 you most likely have met Luke or received his drop-off literature. He’s been covering area neighborhoods, meeting residents and exchanging ideas for improving city life. Luke Ford is a qualified, committed, hard-working candidate, and will serve the city well. Luke, and his fellow Democrats deserve our vote on November 5.

Toni Goode, Meriden

Change needed


I am asking everyone to please vote on Nov. 5. The town Of Southington is in need of great change. The needs of the residents who live here already are not being met. We need to have a greater balance between what is good for all of us, not just a chosen few. What the families of Wonxsring Road. have been dealing with the last 6 months I would not wish on anyone, and it’s far from over; it’s been a nightmare. So please help us make the change that we need so bad vote Democratic on Nov. 5.

Kathleen LaForest, Plantsville

‘My grandpa’


My grandpa, Lenny Rich, is running for Republican Councilor At-Large. He will give 100 percent to Meriden. My grandpa supports me in many ways and he will do the same for the residents of Meriden. From the time that I have known him he has helped me improve on everything I do, and that is what he is hoping to do for Meriden. He wants it to be a great town that we are all proud to be from. Please make the right choice on Tuesday November 5th, and pull the lever for my grandpa, Lenny Rich.

Carley Rich, S. Meriden



As a Wallingford native, I’ve seen many of the Mayor’s musical performances, and I’m always impressed by the way he captivates the audience. I’ve never felt his unique delivery was for any reason other than to deliver a meaningful message to be remembered. One of the best parts of attending some of these events is seeing what the Mayor has in store, and I’ve never been disappointed. I support Mayor Dickinson for re-election.

Tammy Behrens, Wallingford

An obstacle


There’s been a lot of overly-simplified talk about technology in the Wallingford mayoral race. For me, town email, direct deposit paychecks, internet research, online forms, payments, and information are more than a matter of convenience for residents and Town employees – it’s a matter of cost savings. Since 2004, my taxes have gone up 57 percent, and I haven’t seen any interest from the mayor in creative, innovative, problem-solving that saves money. In fact, everyone knows the mayor has been the obstacle. So, I’m supporting Jason Zandri, not because he’s open to technology — because he’s open to solutions that save tax-dollars.

Ray Palermo, Wallingford

Greater good


Effective town government makes each seat on the Southington Town Council important. Beyond party affiliation, an effective Town Council person must have experience, ability and commitment to the greater good. From an objective perspective, Dawn Miceli brings these key assets to the table. Serving with her for the past 5 years as a director of the Southington Education Foundation, as present chairperson she shows outstanding abilities as an independent thinker who exercises solid judgment. For an effective town government, I urge you to select those individuals who bring experience, ability and commitment to the greater good of Southington. Elect Dawn Miceli.

Tony Sheffy, Southington

Right person


I am voting for David Salafia for City Council. David is the right person for Meriden. He has experience on the Council, he is Meriden born and raised, he is a former downtown business owner, his children attend Meriden schools, and he works as the Family Liaison in our school system. Furthermore he possesses the qualities that this city needs. He will decide issues based on facts, circumstances, and common sense and not because of party affiliation. He will not shy away from fighting for what he believes in. In short “he gets it.” Vote for Meriden – Vote for Salafia.

David Fordiani, Meriden



You can change Meriden’s future. The Democratic regime in power has gone too far by pushing the PLA down our throats. The Democrats have had power for 30 years; we aren’t better off for it. We need a new vision and plan for Meriden to prosper. The November 5th election is your chance to help steer the City out of the doldrums and into a brighter future. For a better Meriden, vote for: Santos (Mayor); Rich, Ryder, Broekstra, Brunet, Williams and Perry (City Council); Pandiani and Hozebin (Board of Education).

Allan Pronovost, Meriden



David Salafia is a Meriden guy born and raised and has been involved in the community for years. I intend to support him for City Council on Nov. 5th, and hope you will as well. He is determined to make a difference in Meriden and I respect that! He knows what it is like to run a small business in this city and knows the pros and cons. Support an all-around good guy: David Salafia for Council.

Craig Durant, Meriden

Clear choice


This November there is a clear choice for City Council. David Lowell and David Salafia have the experience and knowledge to represent voter, district wide. Both of these gentlemen have been involved in many community organizations including, Lions, Kiwanis and Boys and Girls Club. David Salafia has coached city youth at both the Boys and Girls Club and Ed Walsh. David Lowell established the Spirit of Giving and serves on the Community Health Center Board. We are fortunate to have both of these gentlemen interested in serving on the council. Tuesday, vote the entire Democratic ticket.

Ron Bridgett, Meriden

A mess


The decades of financial mismanagement and corruption in Meriden are best illustrated by the failure of the city to be able to replace traffic lights downtown due to a lack of money while the Democrats contemplate spending $200-plus-million on school renovations. If Meriden were ever ready for a change to common sense government, it is today. Vote for Manny Santos for mayor and give him a Republican City Council to lead Meriden out of this mess.

Edward Gallagher, Meriden


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