Readers’ Opinions, 10-16-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-16-2013


For the children


When it comes to working for Meriden families, nobody works harder than Mike Cardona. Mike has been on the Board of Education for eight years. As a father of young children, he knows the importance of a quality school system. It’s what he wants for his children and ours. Let’s keep Mike working for us on the Board of Education. This November please join me in voting for Mike Cardona.

Douglas J. Hutchins, Meriden

Great things


It’s nice to see such great things going on in town. When one drives through town and sees dilapidated buildings coming down, renovated schools, new bridges and the expanded linear trail, it brings a sense of community spirit that is long overdue. I’m pleased with the direction the city is going in and this November it will be reflected in my vote. On Election Day, join me in supporting Mike Rohde and the rest of the Democratic ticket. Vote Row B.

Vanessa Hutchins, Meriden

Earned my vote


I’m supporting a council candidate that has a record for getting things done. David Salafia puts Meriden’s needs first. As a city councilor, he worked hard for the city of Meriden. When elected this November there is no doubt that he will continue to do so. David will continue to use a common sense approach when dealing with issues affecting our community. David Salafia has earned my vote by the work that he has done.

Joy Varrato, Meriden

Years of service


David Salafia provides years of service to Meriden, beginning with countless roles of volunteerism for youngsters and the city overall. While running his business on Colony Street he was dedicated to promoting economic development for other small businesses. While serving on the council he was chairman of the building committee for Falcon Field, the finest facility in this entire region. David serves as a head of the Family School Liaison Team. Their work with young students is to be commended. David will excel in representing this city as a councilman at large. I strongly recommend you vote for David Salafia.

Robert D. McNulty, Meriden



As the election draws near, we are fortunate to have David Lowell running for Meriden City Council. David is, and has been involved with, the youth of our community, civic organizations, citywide events and has a strong passion and connection with Meriden. I have known David for many years and his moral character is without flaw. David does any job with precision and perfection. There is no one better for this position. I wholeheartedly support David Lowell for city council.

Lauren Rizzuto, Meriden

Much to offer


Meriden has so much to offer. As a city councilor, at large, I will work together with residents, businesses, city staff and fellow councilors to improve people’s perceptions of our city. I support our educational system — Dr. Benigni, Board of Education staff, elected officials and our teachers. I support small and large business development. Rebuilding our city center, we create a welcoming environment for new businesses. We must advance this development — north, south, east and west and continue improvements to our roads and our neighborhoods. I am a public safety advocate and will work hard on your behalf.

David D. Lowell, Meriden

No stone unturned


As a current Board of Finance member, I’m proud to say the Republican Party seeks representatives with requisite financial backgrounds. With taxpayers’ money, no stone should go unturned and every number deserves scrutiny. It takes an understanding of town finances to ask the right questions and properly evaluate the answers. The past four years have seen responsible budgets passed that have kept the mill rate low and strengthened Southington’s financial standing. In addition to our plans for the future, we’re running on a record we’re proud of. Before voting, please examine the Finance Board’s work over the past four years.

Joseph Labieniec, Southington

Common sense


I support Luke Ford for City Council. He and his family have lived in Meriden for 3 decades and clearly understands what is best for the City of Meriden. He opposes closing Engine 3 and does not agree that an auto auction should be located on Murdock Ave. Luke is not a politician, but a hard-working tradesman with a lot of common sense on major issues. We need a city councilor with a trade background to monitor the construction projects the city has now undertaken. Luke will be looking out for local people and businesses during these projects.

Andrew J. Hendrickson Sr., Meriden



One of the most important issue for voters this November will be the proposed charter question to change the structure of the Police and Fire Commissioners. Currently, the Commissioners oversee the departments including hiring of each chief. Southington Town Council approves the budgets. The only proposed change will include the hiring of the chiefs will now be made by the town manager instead of the citizens of Southington. This decision was made without and firm data and it was made in haste. I urge all voters to say “NO” to this change. Keep citizen involvement in government.

Tony D’Angelo, Plantsville

Has to stop


Its time to vote out career politicians, Meriden’s Mike Rohde and his fellow Democrat councilors. Tax increases every year and raises to big shots has to stop. Millions of dollars are being spent on the schools and downtown with no public input, no referendums. The structure of Meriden’s government is to shut the public out as much as possible and let the buddy network at city hall waste our money. The public has no say how money is spent, but they do have a say on Nov 5th; vote Republican.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden


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