Readers’ Opinions, 10-23-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 10-23-2014


A pleasure


I would like to thank the chairman and the entire Southington Town Council for the very nice proclamation presented to me at Tuesday’s council meeting.

It also gives me the opportunity to thank your paper for the fine article about my stepping down from the Park Board. It is difficult to leave the Park Commission after serving on it for over 30 years without acknowledging the work of the many volunteers who administer our various youth leagues and other programs. Southington is fortunate in that we have hundreds of people who give unselfishly of their time to ensure that our kids get the very best at a minimal cost to the town.

I would also like to recognize our parks crew who, with a crew of only 8 men, maintains all our parks. They are also responsible for the Linear Trail, the Town Hall, the Green, Municipal Center, Crescent Lake, Plantsville Green and over 60 open spaces.

I am sure there are more that I have failed to mention. I would also like to thank the Superintendent of Public Works and his highway department crew for helping me complete the work on the all-purpose field and pavilion at the former drive-in site, as well as the many other times they assisted me in the past.

The Parks and Recreation Department is in good hands.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the Park Board with many fine men and women over the years. There are too many to mention. Thanks again to all who have supported the Parks and Recreation Department in the past. It has been a pleasure to serve you.

Joe LaPorte, Southington

Political Opinions
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Year for change


In his “platform” commentary (R-J, 10-19), Meriden’s ceremonial Mayor Mike Rohde fails to reference in the last 20 years property taxes have increased annually. Manny Santos offers this suggestion: If citizens are not satisfied with current conditions, this is the year for change. Ceremonial Mayor Rohde refers to those who do not share his views as “naysayers.” I say “nay” to regular tax increases. Vote out the incumbents; we need new thinking on the council, whether they be Republican or Democrat. Hopefully, it won’t get any worse. As for downtown, déjà vu, all over again.

Ernie Larsen, Meriden



The name Bob Parisi and the term “go-to guy” really go together in my book. He has made an excellent Wallingford Town Councilor for our town for quite some time, and he deserves reelection this fall. You can always count on Bob for help, no matter who you are, what party you do or don’t belong to, or what the situation is. Municipal government can move slowly sometimes, and it is people like Bob who stay tough and persistent until whatever it is you need help with is resolved. I am very proud to cast my vote for this man.

Carol Iovieno, Wallingford



On November 5th, I know that Bob Parisi will be getting my vote for Wallingford Town Council. His years of service are filled with examples of selfless dedication helping people resolve problems. He is the man most people turn to if they need help with Town Hall. He promptly follows up; he is thorough in his answers. He just plains gets it done. This man is a true asset to our town, and should be returned to office.

Ralph Acabbo, Wallingford

Gets things done


I support Mike Rohde for Mayor of Meriden. Mayor Rohde cares deeply about Meriden and its citizens and has demonstrated this fact by constantly advocating on the city’s behalf and supporting each and every civic event with his outreach and attendance. I have had the pleasure to get to know and work with Mayor Rohde as a member of the Farmer’s Market Advisory Committee and I have seen, first hand, how effective he is as a civil servant. He listens carefully, evaluates and then takes immediate and appropriate action. Mike Rohde gets things done. He will get my vote.

Mark Kosnoff, Meriden



Zaya Oshana is running for a second term on the Board of Education. He served on the PZC with me for years. He always asks the tough questions and gets answers so that he can make informed decisions that benefit the children and the community. He works to provide our students with the skills and abilities to compete now and into the future. There is still a lot of work to be done and I know he will continue to work in the same non-partisan way he has in the past to do what is right for Southington.

Fran/Trish Kenefick, Plantsville

Transcends politics


During this time of partisan politics, we need representatives who care for the people they serve and their communities, not the parties to which they belong. When “the right thing” transcends politics, elected officials are obliged to do what is best for their constituents. This Election Day, there are many candidates for The Board of Education, but one has the integrity and dedication to serve children, parents, teachers, and staff in Southington. Zaya Oshana is honorable; a man with an unfinished vision and the fortitude to stand alone when he differs from the majority.

Deborah Caloutas, Wallingford

Never a problem


I do not know why people think that the Town of Wallingford needs the Internet. Last week I telephoned the Water Sewer Department. Immediately, a very pleasant lady answered my question and transferred my call. I then spoke with the Tax Department. Once again another pleasant lady immediately answered my question. It was much better than those stupid, useless menu systems. I also pay my electric and sewer bills by Internet to the Town of Wallingford. Never a problem. Is someone misinforming to us?

Juan Matos, Wallingford

Works hard


I am in full support of Lynn Ryder for Meriden City Council. She is a hard-working mother of three, as well as a small business owner who faces the every day struggles we all do. She strives to make the city of Meriden a better place and works hard every day to prove how much she can really do to make our city shine. When it comes to knowing what changes really need to be made to make Meriden excel, it’s Lynn Ryder. Make the right choice and vote for Lynn Ryder for Meriden City Council.

Christina Westfort, Meriden



Progressive or status quo leadership for Wallingford? According to Webster’s dictionary, stability is defined as resistance to change, permanence. Change is the absence of monotony, something new or refreshing, such as ideas, a transformation; improvement is to raise to a better standard of quality or condition, to make better. Wallingford’s GOP considers our community an “oasis of stability.” Which would you choose to move our town forward: Remain status quo, or progress and improve through change? Vote for Jason Zandri — a visionary leader as our next mayor, who will lead our town forward and into the future.

Thomas J. Gersz Sr., Wallingford

Deeply cares


During evening walks, my husband and I notice how much trash is along the sides of the roads and sometimes we take it upon ourselves to pick it up. If we can’t take care of our streets, how are we going to take care of the parks we are doing over. Lenny Rich, candidate for city councilor at large, has the common sense to understand that we have to take care of the well-used parks that we already have before spending money to recreate parks. Our vote is for Lenny, who deeply cares about Meriden and the taxpayers.

Susan Swidock, Meriden



I have known Tom Lombardi for 15 years. As his soccer coach, I watched him grow into a remarkable young man. It was evident at a young age that Tom was an assertive leader who cared about people around him and the community he lives in. He was raised in a family with a very strong work ethic; he learned from parents who have always been dedicated to serving their community and now he is taking the opportunity to do the same by serving on Southington Town Council. I am certain that his drive and passion will benefit our town.

Keith Langston, Southington


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