Readers’ Opinions, 10-25-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-25-2013


Drug disposal


Prescription-drug abuse has become an epidemic in the United States. According to Trust for America’s Health, prescription-drug-related deaths now outnumber those from heroin and cocaine combined, and drug overdose deaths exceed motor-vehicle-related deaths in over half of U.S. states. How can we protect our communities, especially our children, from getting their hands on medications not prescribed for them? Drug take back days provide an easy, no-questions-asked way to get rid of unused or unwanted drugs. In Hamden, Cheshire, Madison and Guilford; Covanta’s Rx4Safety program works hand-in-hand with community organizations holding drug take-back events, strongly encourages residents to utilize these programs and safely dispose of unwanted medicines.

The program provides the safe disposal and ultimate destruction of these medications at our Wallingford, LP facility, keeping these medications out of the hands of potential abusers, and lessening the pollution of our waterways, where drugs can end up if they are flushed or sent to landfills. Thanks to community partnerships and law enforcement agencies, Covanta’s Rx4Safety program has been able to destroy one million pounds of unwanted prescription medication since 2010. While the milestone is impressive, our work is not done. We must continue to be diligent in fighting this epidemic and it’s thanks to local leadership that we are beginning to make a difference keeping our community safer and healthier. Help spread the word about this important public safety and environmental issue and make sure to dispose of medications properly.

Cheryl Thibeault, Wallingford

Sizing it up


Again, the train bridge on Gypsy Lane in Meriden was hit this past Monday, October 21. I am a former CDL driver of tour buses and school buses. We had to know the height and the weight of the vehicle we were driving. I wonder how many companies who have these box trucks that are over 9’5’’ high have drivers (with CDL’s) who really know the size of the truck they are driving. I wonder how many of these companies have their insurance rates go higher because of drivers who don’t know the size of their trucks. Is the size of the truck marked on the vehicle somewhere so that drivers know in advance that they can’t drive a 10-foot truck into a 9-foot-six-inch space? If they don’t know the size of trucks that they drive, they should not be driving them. Drivers — learn your vehicle’s size and weight so you don’t get fired from your job because of stupidity.

Georgetta Sharpe, Meriden

Voter turnout


I remember as a child going to vote with my Mom, waiting in a long line, standing with her in the booth as she closed the curtain and made her choices. Voting on Election Day was always a big deal. Now on a local level we are lucky if 30-40 percent of voters come out to make their voices heard. The most common reason people don’t vote is they believe nothing will change. There are no excuses for not voting and there should always be 100 percent turnout. Your vote gives you a voice in the decisions that are made in your town; decisions that affect every aspect of your daily lives, in the town you live in, raise your children in, pay taxes in, and the town you love. Get registered, there’s still time, utilize an absentee ballot form, call for a ride on Election Day. Get informed, get out and vote and make a difference.

Sharon McIntyre, Wallingford

Political Opinions

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As CEO/President of New Opportunities Inc., my 20-year relationship with Meriden Mayor Mike Rohde has continually demonstrated his unstinting commitment to the region’s low-income, elderly and working-poor residents. His consensus-based manner has sped hope and help to thousands of low-income citizens and his wisdom has advanced the work of countless panels, boards and councils throughout Connecticut. Mayor Rohde’s diligence also helped catalyze major building programs that will eventually reposition the city into its rightful place of prominence in the Nutmeg State. Washington D.C. can learn much from Meriden’s CEO.

James H. Gatling, Waterbury

Clear vision


I strongly endorse Mayor Mike Rohde for reelection. As a former Meriden City Councilman, I worked closely with Mike and found him to be professional, committed and determined to move Meriden forward. On the other hand, his opponent Manny Santos seems to be confused. He praises the major projects that are happening but doesn’t want to take the federal and state funding that makes them possible. He criticizes the condition of the parks and then criticizes the upgrades being made to City Park. Support Mike Rohde for Mayor — he has a clear vision and makes positive things happen.

Trevor Thorpe, Wallingford



It’s time for Southington to bring the safety of its citizens to meet the demands of today. Under current policy our public safety department heads meet with their supervisors on a monthly basis. With the public safety of our children and grandchildren at the forefront of importance since the unfortunate incident in Sandy Hook, Southington has to change. I feel that the day-to-day operations of these departments are critical to the safety of our children. They should not have to wait for a monthly meeting to make decisions. Vote yes for the charter revision changes; I will.

Bill DellaVecchia, Southington

Popular candidate


The Democratic Party’s Area 3 Council Candidate Luke Ford seems to be very popular. According to his SEEC Form 20, Ford’s campaign received more than three thousand dollars from Political Action Committees (PAC’s) located in Berlin, Middletown, Yalesville, Hamden, Rocky Hill, Wallingford, North Haven, New Haven, Kensington, and Hartford. Looks like Ford plans to represent more than just the people of Meriden. If you want a trusted and proven local Councilman, let’s re-elect Dan Brunet on Election Day.

David White, Meriden



Please support Patti Flynn-Harris for Cheshire Town Council. Patti has a distinguished record of pursuing what is best for the residents of Cheshire. Former president Cheshire League of Women Voters; founding member Cheshire Interfaith Housing; former president, Friends of Cheshire Public Library. Led successful referendum effort for Cheshire Library improvement; former member and Chair Cheshire Planning and Zoning; current member Town Council, serving at large. Patti encourages grass roots efforts, such as Arts Place and the Cheshire Dog Park. She works tirelessly on behalf of our Cheshire community. She deserves your vote.

John Harris, Cheshire

No platitudes


Jason Zandri has real-world managerial experience, well-thought-out ideas for promoting business and is listening to taxpayers. He will utilize knowledgeable officials and a love of town, not platitudes, stories and hyperbole to move our town forward. Mr. Mayor? A good gardening steward? Dumping waste knowingly and illegally for 4 years because he had “nowhere else”? Having trees planted, but untended, even though he promised to maintain them. Now, for a third time? Let us maintain and beautify the downtown we own. Town planning adapts to a changing environment. Vote Nov 5. for Jason Zandri.

Gina Morgenstein, Wallingford

Vote for the person


I am a registered Democrat, but I vote for who I feel is the right person. I hear a lot of people complaining about Meriden government, yet they only vote for who their party is. If you want your voice heard, then please find a way to know who is running and what they stand for, not just what they promise. We have lost some good people that could have helped our city and state because people only vote for their party, not the person. I have done my homework, and my vote will be Manny Santos for mayor.

Kitt Lopez, Meriden



My father is a true inspiration to me and I am so proud of everything he has done and continues to do. He has always given his full support to me, my sister, and our family, and it is an awesome feeling to watch him share his contagious energy and love with the broader community. Through his diligence and patience, David Lowell is going to be exactly what Meriden needs to continue becoming the best it can be. I say this with the utmost confidence because he played a huge part in helping me become the best woman I can be.

Alyssa Lowell, Meriden

No substance


Given the federal shutdown, the last thing Meriden needs are Republicans and tea partiers on the Meriden City Council. I cannot remember one thing of substance any minority party councilor has done by way of resolution to make our lives in Meriden better. The Democrats do all the work, and the minority party either ride the Democrats’ coattails or just vote “no” without putting forth any ideas at all. Let’s Keep Meriden moving forward. Vote Democrat Luke Ford for Meriden City Council.

Eileen Honious, Meriden

Moving forward


Democrat Luke Ford’s values are grounded in his family. His wife Kathy and their three sons (Michael, Kenny and Tyler) are wonderful people. Hard-working, honest people like Luke Ford are exactly what the Meriden City Council needs to keep moving forward. Please vote for Democrat Luke Ford on November 5th to keep the City Council transparent and Meriden moving forward.

Paul Honious, Meriden



I would like to share my enthusiasm for the re-election of John Sullivan for Town Councilor. I have known John professionally and personally for 4 years. His work ethic and enthusiasm for both the customer and employee have made it a pleasure to work with him. Additionally, I have recently met his lovely family; their devotion to each other is a pleasure to observe. The people of Wallingford will be well served by his candidacy.

Kerry Johnson, Winthrop Harbor, IL

Key assets


I am writing in support of Wallingford Town Council Candidate Larry Russo, my husband. He has served the Wallingford community for the past 20 years in a number of youth and civic organizations. In these positions, he has demonstrated his dedication as a leader, problem-solver, organizer and efficient communicator. He consistently works for the greater need of the organization rather than bending to particular areas of interest. These skills will be key assets in the position as Town Councilor. Please vote on November 5th for Larry Russo Jr. — he wants to continue to serve the entire town of Wallingford.

Cheryl Russo, Wallingford


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