Readers’ Opinions, 11-20-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 11-20-2013




This letter is addressed to the man who took his two young sons out of school today and took them to lunch at a local pizza restaurant. It was past lunch time and we were the only ones there, the man, somewhat drunk and drinking more beer, and me trying to have some quiet time, reading my book. He asked them if they were having fun, skipping school, but “don’t tell your mother.” They were somewhere between 7 and 10 years old, about the same emotional age as their father.

They all used the bathroom before leaving. When I went into the ladies’ room, there was a huge puddle on the floor, which I reported to the waitress. Seems it was one of “the boys,” older or younger, I have no idea. Rather awkward for the waitress and me. She apologized profusely and I insisted I didn’t really need the facilities. The drunk heard me talking about this before he and the boys headed out. When I went to leave, I found that the “gentleman” had spit on my driver’s door!

I was disgusted, went back into the restaurant, and reported it. The waitress was shocked but to her credit she came out and cleaned it up.

She was apologetic but I assured her it wasn’t her fault nor was it her place to apologize.

What a sorry excuse for a parent! What a horrible example to set for 2 young boys.

Mister, if you can read and you are seeing this letter, shame on you!

Ellen Rubell, Wallingford

Not ‘refreshing’


In regard to Eric Cotton’s commentary, “Excess of caution” (R-J, 11-17), I have to disagree that a town’s openness to consider allowing a medical marijuana production facility or dispensary is “refreshing.” Contrary to what Cotton states, medical marijuana is much different from all other drugs. It has not been tested and approved as medication by the FDA, but rather approved by state legislators who call it medical. To me, that’s not exactly a seal of approval or safety.

Though I agree that some patients may receive relief from medical marijuana, city and town governments throughout the state of Connecticut seem to be seeing green at the expense of our youth.

This new legislation will most certainly raise the marijuana use rates among teens as has happened in the other states that have passed medical marijuana legislation. And many youth will end up in rehab for marijuana addiction. As a matter of fact, rehab facilities report that there are more youth in treatment for marijuana abuse than all other drugs combined.

The Planning and Zoning Commission in Southington proactively passed strict regulations regarding medical marijuana production facilities and dispensaries, before the state completed their regulation process. These regulations may seem excessive to Eric Cotton, but perhaps not to the Southington PZC and the residents of Southington who may not be motivated by money, but by what may be best for the youth and families in our community. (The writer is Director, Southington Youth Service.)

Susan M. Saucier, Southington



On my first deployment to Luzon some fifty odd years ago, we were apprised of the prodigals in the Philippines at that time. Stealing was condoned because that was the only way most people had to make a living. I could not believe it, but I learned. And now we have Washington. From the White House to Capitol Hill, I learned that seventeen trillion is debt is small. The Social Security fund is more than eighty trillion in debt, stolen by those voted for. Are voters out of their minds?

Robert W. Karlon, Wallingford



Mark Benigni is such an intelligent man, that I think he should be Hilliary Clinton’s vice president. I think that both of them would make this the best place in the world to live in.

Paul Esposito, Meriden

Veterans Day


Thank you, everyone, for making Wallingford’s Veterans Day ceremony special and meaningful to all our veterans. The veterans committee put together an excellent program. Masonicare delivered some of our senior veterans right to the site. Thanks, Masonicare. Mayor Bill Dickinson and Ensign Betts (U.S. Coast Guard) delivered inspiring comments and gratitude to all our veterans. Dag Hammarskjold Middle School band and Lisa Zolkiewicz Ives delivered beautiful music. Color guards from Legion and VFW Posts, Knights of Columbus, Edson Sea Cadets and Boy Scouts were also present to honor our veterans. Legion Post 73 Auxiliary served coffee and donuts provided by local merchants. Wallingford veterans administrator George Messier and Mayor Dickinson presented blue star banners to families of active duty personnel. Veterans committee members passed out 250 programs before they ran out.

So, thank you to the estimated 300-plus residents, families and veterans that turned out to honor those that have sacrificed for our great country.

A special thank you goes to the Record-Journal for the excellent coverage and to the two cameramen from local government television for video-recording the event for local broadcast. Yalesville and Highland students and staff deserve special praise for the exceptional Veterans Day programs they put on. Thanks, everyone that participated in Monday’s ceremony. And a huge thank you to all the residents that stood out, getting chilly toes, to honor those that have given so much. We might also look up and say thanks for the sunshine and saving the snow until Tuesday.

Lastly, let me thank the veterans committee for allowing me the honor of serving as master of ceremonies at this special event. May God bless our veterans.

David Gessert, Wallingford


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