Readers’ Opinions, 11-27-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 11-27-2013


Tax dollars


I read an article (R-J, 11-15) which, as I understand it, noted that Meriden City Manager Larry Kendzior recommends a tax break for businesses that want to open on Colony Street. What about a tax break for the taxpayer? Year after year, taxes go up — and Kendzior calls it a modest increase. It’s modest for Kendzior making $140K a year, but not for struggling families.

Also, where has Meriden’s Mayor Mike Rohde been since his loss? Unfortunately, as I see it, he’s still mayor until Dec. 3rd. He was absent from the Veterans Day ceremony on Broad Street. I hope our tax dollars are not still paying him.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

Wallingford saga


If the past is any indication to what the future may hold, now that Wallingford Mayor Bill Dickinson has been re-elected, I guess we can expect in a few weeks an announcement from Nick Economopoulos that he will again run for mayor in the municipal election that will take place in 2 years from now.

That will again give him opportunity to be identified as a Democrat candidate for mayor should he be quoted in the newspaper. And in a new twist, Bill Comerford, a vocal critic of Mayor Dickinson and previously a member of the Wallingford Democratic Town Committee, until he changed political affiliation to Republican prior to this year’s election, will change the “Republicans for Zandri” sign on his truck to “Republican for Economopoulos” and drive it around town for the next year.

It seems Comerford was initially confused with the spelling of the word Republican and misspelled it “Republicans” on his Zandri sign. But then again, who knows, perhaps Comerford will change his political affiliation again and return to the Democratic Party. In any event, I think we all can guess how this saga will eventually play out.

Gayle Greco, Wallingford


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