Readers’ Opinions, 12-5-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 12-5-2013


Wasteland state


I foresee a state election on the horizon with a recent flyer sent by Representative Mushinsky to Wallingford residents extolling all of the great things that Hartford’s Democratic Party has done for the state, and in particular the amazing amount of state taxpayers’ monies which apparently were given by Mushinsky to Wallingford.

I would like to remind our representative that Connecticut is in dire economic condition. Residents and businesses continue to move out (except, in my opinion, for those businesses who continue to gain state contracts through hefty donations to Connecticut’s Democratic Party). We have one of the highest tax rates in the country, with massive amounts of unfunded future liabilities that are never addressed by our state legislature. We have poor road infrastructure, especially if one must commute daily through New Haven via I-91 and/or I-95. The state ranks near last in many economic categories, such as 46th in economic performance with equally dismal ratings for excessively high taxes, economic growth, worker compensation costs and unemployment compensation taxes. Even the Democrats’ record $1.8 billion tax increase along with shifting Medicare spending off budget cannot stop yet another possible $1 billion budget deficit for the next fiscal year.

Connecticut has fast become a vast economic wasteland, with a lack of leadership and a lack of fiscal restraint. Our stale state government with its one-party rule has echoed the same rhetoric year in and year out — yet even more state spending and higher taxes will solve all of our problems. Yet economic problems remain and our economic future is as bleak as ever. It is truly time for a change in Hartford.

Bob Swick, Wallingford

Conservative viewpoints


Conservative columnist Rich Lowry’s commentary (R-J, 11-24) about the death of President Kennedy 50 years later is troubling — it angers me and does no justice to JFK’s legacy. His Republican viewpoints stick out clearly.

How does he know that JFK’s assassination theories were false? Is he omniscient? How does he know for sure that Oswald killed JFK? Oswald repeatedly told the media that he didn’t kill the president or the Dallas cop. Does he really believe that Jack Ruby killed Oswald because Ruby claimed he was distraught and couldn’t eat or sleep? Why would Ruby risk the death penalty or life in prison for killing the JFK assassin? Where was Dallas police security? Why did Dorothy Kilgallen die of an overdose of barbiturates in 1965 after interviewing Ruby? LBJ was only two cars away; why wasn’t he targeted?

Even more insulting to JFK’s memory was the comment that, after JFK’s death, liberals had a choice to make him a martyr to civil rights or a casualty of the Cold War. Then Lowry claims Kennedy’s dying for racial progress was distorted. LBJ told Kennedy to go to Dallas because he claimed the people loved him, even though many there were angry about the desegregation bill passed. Security was very lax, and newsman Jim Lehrer asked security why the car roof’s bubble-top was down. They told Jim it stays down! After his death, Lehrer asked the same security man: Why?

JFK was not a liberal. He was a moderate for the people. The fact that Oswald was a Communist means nothing. Kennedy met with Nikita Khrushchev and other Communists who were not in any way threatening to JFK.

My guess is whoever killed John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were all related.

Nick Piccolo, Southington

Turkeys distributed


The Meriden AOH (Ancient Order of Hibernians) would like to extend kudos to Dan Arthur and his local establishment for once again providing Thanksgiving turkeys to dozens of needy families.

Their generosity has enabled the Meriden AOH to distribute countless birds to indigent families — giving them something to be truly thankful for on this, the greatest of national holidays.

God bless you.

Ed Grady, Berlin

Still deserves respect


I have known Kevin Scarpati for several years, and in that time he has been nothing but respectful, honest, hardworking and a good friend. Whether I agree or disagree with how a certain councilor votes isn’t why I am writing this. Kevin still deserves to be treated with respect, as should anyone willing to publicly serve in what, at most times, are thankless positions.

There are many ways to respectfully disagree and discuss opinions; unfortunately it seems that has been forgotten by some.

Josh Broekstra, Meriden


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