Readers’ Opinions, 12-8-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 12-8-2013


Excellent job?


Doing their jobs doesn’t mean doing a excellent job. Didn’t Meriden just hire a fire chief from Las Vegas? Didn’t we hire the previous chief from Waterbury? How about the employee who drove his city truck from Burlington? How about the department heads in town hall from out of town. Don’t forget the police who live outside of Meriden. As long as you do your job dedicated to the City of Meriden, I have no problem with employees living elsewhere. I don’t agree with perks like gas and cars driven to and from work. How about when nobody is in City Hall — example: Columbus Day weekend, I think that the mayor, city manager and personal director are not available. Good thing these politicians must live here or they would be living out of town.

We voted these people in, let’s give them a chance. I have lived in Meriden 72 years; I helped keep this town afloat — been there, seen that, done that. They promise everything, take your tax money, and laugh all the way to the bank. Forget Democrat, Republican or Independent, do what’s good for the City of Meriden and maybe we can live together peacefully. (Question: Where is the North Broad Street firehouse?)

Steven C. Staszewski, Meriden

Not informative


The other day, I went into a new place that has burritos and looked at the menu which was not informative at all other than they sell burritos.

But a burrito has stuff in it, no indication as to what the stuff is. I looked at the counter person and inquired, “How do I order?” I was told it was assembly line, like a popular sub shop. Okay. But I still needed to ask the name of ingredients I was looking at. Not all were recognizable. Eventually I got the burrito and a soda. Now that was another adventure, it was serve yourself — you push the lever with cup and soda comes out, right? Wrong! On this one, lots of ice instead. You had to push a sequence of buttons for soda. The only written information this place had was, “Don’t throw baskets away!” Other than that, nothing.

This brings me to new devices. Have you noticed that instruction books are about 500 pages thick but 490 pages are in another language, and of the remaining 10 pages that are in English 9 of them are warnings. Like in the case with a TV — do not shower with this, do not stand on this, do not try to eat this, etc. At the same time there are 200 buttons and settings that only the design engineers and the NSA know anything about, and neither are going to tell. Lastly, how about new extension cords with the dozens of huge warning labels (the biggest danger is nicking the insulation while cutting them off).

I thought I’d get away from politics for the season. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Roy Blazejowski, Meriden



I would like to thank some angels who recently came to my rescue.

On Friday, Nov. 8, I fell in front of a drug store in Wallingford. I was walking on my crutches, up to my driver’s door, after putting my wheelchair in the back of the van. I knew that my leg was fractured, immediately. One woman called 911 and let me use her phone to call my nephew. Another woman gave me a blanket until the ambulance came.

The paramedics were great and kept me calm all the way to the hospital.

This is to let all of you know how much I appreciated your help and that I am home now, doing well with a plate and seven screws in my tibia. There was no explanation for my fall. No trip, no loss of balance — it felt like I was being pulled down straight into the ground. I guess it will always remain a mystery. My two nephews picked up my car and brought my wheelchair to me in the hospital. Thank you, all, for helping me and have a Merry Christmas.

Michele A. Mulhall, Wallingford


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