Readers’ Opinions, 3-2-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 3-2-2014


Meriden landlords


I am about to become a new landlord and am pleased it will be a property in my hometown of Meriden. I will consider my tenant as my customer; as any good businessman, I will deliver a good product.

I recently learned about the certificate of compliance program in effect in Meriden. It seems, due to the way it is vaguely written and arbitrarily enforced, some rental units are allowed to fall into disrepair, while other updated rentals are unduly fined. If the ordinance is not adjusted, I’m afraid it will attract more absentee landlords who do not upkeep their property while keeping good, local landlords from investing here. This will have the opposite effect of what the ordinance is intended to do. Property values for everyone will decline.

I plan to continue to invest in more property in the future, and hope it can be in Meriden.

Sean O’Leary, Meriden


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