Readers’ Opinions, 3-21-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 3-21-2014


Something fishy


I just received my update from the DEEP confirming what was said in Mike Roberts’ Sunday column (R-J, 3-16) regarding the trout-stocking in Hubbard Park’s Mirror Lake. That said, I challenge anyone to take a glass and fill it with Mirror Lake water and drink it. I don’t think there will be any takers.

Don’t get me wrong, I think fishing is great for the kids to get them outdoors and away from their computers and iPads. But I do have a problem with taking perfectly healthy trout and dumping them in a “duck-pooped,” brackish, oxygen-poor, bacteria-infested body of water. Assuming some of these fish are caught by kids and adults alike, now what? Do you dare eat the fish? This lake is ill-suited for any fish (except maybe the lowly carp). What fish are not caught will surely die in time for reasons given.

Trout need clear, clean water to survive and to be consumed. I think those 500 trout to be stocked would be better served in a better body of water and leave the lake to the ducks.

Frank Milano Jr., Meriden

Puppets on strings?


As I read the R-J letters on Tuesday, March 18, writer Bruce Swidock says it all. I’m so pleased that Len Suzio may be making a run for the State Senate. Len is someone who is compassionate and very caring. He does things from the heart and reaches across party lines. The compassion he showed the Ghazal family was heartwarming. He does things because he truly cares about people. I’m also glad he is still against the early release program. If Resto had stayed in prison, Mr. Ghazal would be alive today. His family suffered great loss and heartaches. My prayers go out to them. When Len Suzio left office he still followed up with issues. He just didn’t let them go by the way side. I thank Len for being on the Board for Victims Advocate. We need more Suzio’s in this state. Suzio will have all of my family’s votes, if he chooses to run for state senate once again. He truly deserves that position to represent us. You can be sure that if Len is elected he will do the very best for all his constituents, and not be a puppet on a string. He always gets back to his constituents with any issues that they may need him on.

Debra Belancik, Meriden

An ‘opportunist’


Two years ago in Meriden a store was robbed by an early-release parolee. The owner was killed. The murderer was caught, tried and sentenced to 53 years in prison. In the eyes of the law, justice was done.

A family grieves — their loss can never be replaced. Yet, rather than work to assuage their grief and provide what comfort a stranger can provide, one politician continues to feed on it, hovering around the family like a vulture, trying to pick at what political energy and sustenance can be had from the corpse of poor Ibrahim Ghazal.

Len Suzio has not officially announced his candidacy for the Senate seat he lost to Dante Bartolomeo two years ago. Still, his rhetorical trial balloons have slowly and continuously floated forward, announcing Suzio’s disapproval on one issue after another. Like the ill-conceived fife and drum corps preceding another conservative candidate into the political debate a few years ago, his hits have kept on coming — each strident chirp and slightly off-rhythm tattoo demanding our annoyed attention against his cause du jour.

Suzio’s most recent yawps have concerned the state’s early release program, designed to clear space in our prison system for more violent offenders. In doing this, he has time after time trotted out the Ghazal family as the Greek chorus in his own personal heroic tragedy touting his position with the Victim Advocate Advisory Board as justification, even though he joined this organization well after the shooting had taken place.

In all honesty, I hope Suzio does what is honest — decides to announce his candidacy and enters the fray in full public scrutiny. I hope he will then be seen for what he has so far in his writings shown himself to be: a poseur, an opportunist — a man without shame.

Mike Reynolds, Meriden


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