Readers’ Opinions, 3-28-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 3-28-2014


‘Off with his head!’


After reading the article on Meriden Mayor Manny Santos (see also R-J news story, 3-27), some thoughts came to mind. I wanted to get them down on paper and put them out for discussion.

The following is directed to Millie Torres-Ferguson and Hilda Santiago, as it pertains to their comments in this article.

Torres-Ferguson is the Democrat Town Chair in Meriden, and yet she claims she was surprised to find out that Santos was not Puerto-Rican. Really? I think her inference indicates that people should not vote for the best candidate, but only a Puerto-Rican candidate. I believe she sells the Hispanic/Latino community short. Many voted for Santos, thinking he was the best candidate.

I sense that the Democrats’ control is receding.

As the tide recedes, mud flats are exposed, and they choose to sling mud from these flats. When a person does not dance to the Democrats’ tune and lockstep, it’s “Off with his head!” (as said the Queen to her court followers in “Through the Looking Glass,” by Lewis Carroll).

Whether Santos is Hispanic or Latino is irrelevant. He has risen from humble beginnings through hard work and perseverance to become a leader in Meriden.

So, celebrate an immigrant success story, and don’t pull a man down for political gains.

Michael Juhase, Meriden

An ‘embarrassment’


Kudos to letter-writer Mike Reynolds (R-J, 3-21, describing former state Sen. Suzio as an “opportunist”) for Reynolds’ analysis of the erstwhile Mr. Suzio. Len Suzio is a publicity hound of the first water. I, too, resent Suzio’s unconscionable “use” of the Ibrahim Ghazal tragedy.

Turn the cameras off Suzio, please. I consider Suzio to be an embarrassment to this town.

Pat Papallo, Meriden

Save the trout!


I read with interest “Save the trout from the lake” in the Sunday, March 23, Record-Journal. Columnist Eric Cotton knows what he is talking about.

Perhaps the early stocking may be good for a fishing derby — but to stock again later on? Forget it! Mike Roberts means well for the kids. But Mike knows very well that trout like to go deep in the hot summer months and need much cleaner and deeper water than Mirror Lake. I think the committee could find better use of the money for the kids than making the trout suffer and die in a hot, dirty pond.

Michael Kurtz, Southington



I would like to express my thanks to the volunteer A.A.R.P. workers at Meriden’s senior center who filed my federal income tax recently. I was treated courteously and they did a professional job.

Alexander Wysocki, Meriden

Artful firefighters


Gallery 53 sends a huge thank you to the Meriden Fire Department. They arrived quickly and sent several trucks to Gallery 53 when we noticed a strange burning smell coming from the basement.

We were much relieved to find that it was a light fixture that needed to be replaced. We want to let them know they do a great job and we appreciate everything they do.

Sent to the R-J on behalf of Gallery 53 by:

Rita Sarris, Meriden

Kristen’s Kloset


Kristen’s Kloset, a program of Southington Youth Services, held its 8th year Grand Opening on Saturday, March 8 at this year’s location, 93 Main Street, the Town Hall Annex. Over 100 teens visited the shop and 39 prom gowns were distributed along with shoes, jewelry and purses. What a great day it was for all of the customers, their moms, the volunteers and everyone who has donated items and services to make this program a huge success.

In the 8 years it has been open, Kristen’s Kloset has served almost 1,800 students from all over Connecticut. Last year, girls from 50 different towns and cities got gowns at the shop. Many of them received vouchers from their school or their community’s Youth Service Bureau for a complete outfit at no charge to them. Girls who bring in a gown to donate can get a voucher for another gown from Kristen’s Kloset as a swap. Our bounty of donated items is too immense to keep for Southington students only; all are welcome and if need is not an issue, we ask for a small donation for the gowns and accessories.

The donations are used to help Southington boys with tux rental and to help Southington juniors and seniors with the purchase of their prom tickets. The unique thing about Kristen’s Kloset is that it is not open just one day or one weekend; we are open 3 days a week for 10 weeks during the prom season. It is run entirely by volunteers. We have a seamstress who volunteers her time and is at the shop every day it is open. The Record-Journal has always supported Kristen’s Kloset by featuring it in a story during prom season. I want to thank everyone in the community who has donated gowns and accessories.

Susan M. Saucier, Southington

Positive comments


Many times I have read negative comments regarding the Meriden Police Department, so I wanted to share my very positive involvement. I had to contact the police because of a terrifying incident. Officer Mike Shedlock (Badge #472) was dispatched to my home.

He was calming and supportive yet very professional. My situation, fortunately, had a happy ending, but I can’t emphasize enough how much his pleasant demeanor impressed me. He took control of the situation while providing the empathy I needed.

I am very proud to have Officer Shedlock represent the city of Meriden.

Joanne Balaschak, Meriden

Reunion dinner


Another successful Meriden sports reunion dinner was held recently, with a sellout crowd of old-time sportsmen gathered for a night of fellowship and nostalgia, with many memories and sports stories being shared. A tribute to chairman Patsy Papandrea and his committee for putting on a wonderful program, with special honors to Dick Dahn and Ray Mainville, who were named “sportsmen of distinction” for 2014, an award well-deserved. Kudos also to the Elks Club culinary staff for preparing a wonderful prime rib dinner that was enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Bryant Carpenter, sports editor of the Record-Journal, for his great coverage of the dinner from start to finish — it was greatly appreciated. The dinner helps support the Meriden Boys and Girls Club, and also the Beat the Street boxing club; everyone’s generous support of the dinner and raffle made this possible. Hope to see everyone next year. In closing, my picks for the 2014 World Series: Red Sox-Dodgers, with the Red Sox winning in six.

John A. Young, Cromwell

‘Ahhhh’s’ for Oz


What an enjoyment watching the performance of the Wizard of Oz at Wallingford’s Sheehan High School last weekend. The acting, singing, backstage crew, orchestra and scenery were excellent. Great job!

Marcia Giglio, Wallingford

Positive impact


After reading the Record-Journal Wednesday, 3-26, I learned of the passing of Elizabeth Elyett. For many of us growing up in the 60s, there were people who made a positive impact on our lives.

You remember your driving instructor and your teachers. Would you remember who taught you how to swim? I do.

Here I am standing with my friends early in the morning on a dock at Powers Pond, steam still rising from the cold, murky water, terrified what was coming next. This was the Y swim program. Our teacher Elizabeth “Robin” Elyett, told us when we completed the course we all would be able to swim.

She was right. Robin was an amazing teacher she exhibited a kindness and compassion that I will never forget.

Bob Devaney, Wallingford


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