Readers’ Opinions, 4-2-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 4-2-2014


‘Painful to view’


OJT — “on the job training.” We all know the term if we are employers or employees. OJT is an expensive way to hire people , pay and train them concurrently. The people of Meriden must realize that an otherwise unemployed person with no experience is the CEO of a multi-million-dollar enterprise — the City of Meriden. That job recruit is Mayor Manny “The Placeholder” Santos, who won an election by a narrow margin — hardly what Eisenhower would call a “mandate for change.”

Everyone should make an effort to attend council meetings or view the meetings on the city website. It is almost painful to view Santos as, in my opinion, he stutters and stammers through the action items on the agenda. It has been four months since his swearing in, and he continues to have problems with something we all learned in middle school: ”Robert’s Rules of Order.” He even has problems meeting with the Democrats.

What are we paying this man to do? He continues to have problems conducting an orderly meeting as the narcissistic fringe continuously upsets meetings. This group believes that public comment is the center of their own personal universe.

Bismarck described horrible human events when he warned “Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them made.” If he were alive today, he might add: “See Santos conduct a meeting.”

Paul E. Gradwell, Meriden



I think many people, regardless of race, assumed Meriden Mayor Manny Santos was Latino because of his last name and the high number of Latinos in our community. No one will ever know if that played a factor in how some residents might have voted. Letter-writer Michael Juhase’s accusations (R-J, 3-28) that a simple comment such as that infers that people should not vote for the best candidate, but only the Puerto Rican candidate, is ridiculous, considering that Millie Torres-Ferguson was supporting Mike Rohde (not a Puerto Rican, last I checked). Juhase, on the other hand, makes it seem like he independently researched the issue by reading instead of making it known that the story was actually emailed to all members of the Republican Town Committee (of which Juhase is a member) by Len Suzio, with the hopes of having members come to the mayor’s defense after making such a uninformed comment.

Shanelle Dowd, Meriden

GOP opposition


Whether or not you agree with all of the president’s and government’s policies, their is one thing that you must agree with. President Barack Obama has spent his entire time thus far working for the betterment of American people, as he sees it, and will continue to do so until the end of his term.

As we all know, the Republicans have forced the president into the position of trying to get something accomplished for the American people by executive action, because they refuse to do anything. The debt started to grow many years before Obama’s term. The Republicans avowed purpose for holding office since President Obama was elected has been to make him look bad and to defiantly fight everything he tries to do for the good of the American people, even though many of those same goals were their goals in the past. Social health care or affordable health care for all is a great idea.

Apparently, about half of all Americans believe something: namely, that only a small amount of the population of all other developed countries can only be economically successful by depriving a significant percentage of their citizens access to quality health care.

Edward DeRosa, Meriden

Can’t agree


My family and I are Democrats, but we voted for Republican Mayor Manny Santos because Meriden needed new leadership desperately in City Hall if we wanted to save our city. Ex-Mayor Mike Rohde still is wondering what went wrong that he lost the election. Maybe if he would look at himself in the mirror he might find the answer.

Since Santos took office, it seems that everyone is against him, especially the City Council. I believe City Councilor Miguel Castro and his pals are behaving inappropriately. They can’t agree on anything, and sometimes we wonder if this is personal.

Our advice to the Meriden councilors is this: If they don’t have what it takes to be real and professional, then they should stop complaining and resign.

Manuel A. Torres, Meriden

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