Readers’ Opinions, 4-3-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 4-3-2014


Fluff and nonsense


Well folks, letter-writer Paul Gradwell (R-J, 4-2) again dumped what I consider to be his monthly uninformed and inaccurate diatribe on Meriden Mayor Manny Santos.

First of all, citizens elected to office are, by necessity, trained on the job. We had a “professional” in Mike Rohde and we got higher taxes and what I believe to be mismanagement and crumbling infrastructure. Robert’s Rules of Order is not taught in the middle schools of most school districts, although I am quite familiar with them after decades of watching people like Gradwell at public meetings.

But that’s all fluff and nonsense.

I really don’t care if our meetings are not as smooth as they were under Rohde. I care about results. It easier to work with a rubber-stamp council like Rohde had with his Democrat henchmen. Gradwell is harping on nonsense like meeting conduct as if anyone besides himself really cares about something so trivial. My opinion is that Gradwell typifies the example of people having narrow viewpoints, ambitions and a disregard for the greater good of his community. Gradwell is still in denial that Rohde lost the election and, like other Democrats, is searching for reasons other than their dismal record to blame. I think he needs to move on, perhaps to anger management classes or attend a humility retreat.

Ed Gallagher, Meriden


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