Readers’ Opinions, 4-4-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 4-4-2014


Buck the system


To me it’s astounding how the upper class — the one percent — can’t stop the gluttney. Write in the U.S. Supreme Court as another puppet in the destruction of political decency with their latest decision on campaign financing limits. If Washington D.C. elected reps are not mostly booted out of office in the next two national elections, then shame on us. There are ways to buck the system — we just need the fortitude to exercise them.

Further, adding to the minimum wage (a still-unlivable wage) just makes the poor a little less poor. You don’t start at the bottom for economic justice — you start at the top, and reduce the incredible wealth from those that have it, and can afford it, and use those excesses to aid the underpaid and unemployed. Yes, up the minimum wage, but also utilize the extreme wealthy overage of reasonable taxation to specifically strengthen domestic spending by giving those in need resources to do so.

John Francis, Meriden

Vote them out!


Former Meriden Mayor Rohde refers to me as a chronic Democratic basher (R-J letters, 3-13) who lives in an apartment, doesn’t drive a car, but complains about taxes.

As usual, Rohde is wrong. He should have checked Meriden tax records. I do own a condominium in Meriden. I do own and drive a car. I’m not a basher, but a concerned taxpayer. Taxpayers are at a breaking point where people can no longer afford to live and do business in Meriden. Families and seniors are struggling while five BOE administrators salaries total about $800,000. The Democrat-controlled City Council makes no effort to cut spending and lower taxes. Now City Manager Kendzior is recommending his annual tax hike.

The city doesn’t have an endless checkbook. The city needs to manage money better, make-do with what they have, and say “no” to anyone that wants more money. Referendums need to be in place for big money projects — let the voters decide.

I’m glad Mike Rohde is no longer mayor. I believe that he was a great disservice to Meriden. My understanding is members of his own Democrat town committee didn’t even vote for him.

Next election, let’s vote out the rest of the Democrats and restore some dignity to Meriden.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden


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