Readers’ Opinions, 4-27-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 4-27-2014


DOT in the dark


While sitting in a 4-mile backup on I-95 (South) which extended 1-mile onto Route 8 (South) due to road maintenance, I had plenty of time to think. ConnDOT construction projects on the three heaviest-traveled highways (Route 15, I-91 and I-95) are required to be performed at night when traffic is lightest. However, ConnDOT regularly performs routine maintenance on these same roadways during the day, including during peak hours, without concern for the miles and miles of backups. Is this a case of “Do as i say, not as i do,” or is the DOT staff afraid of the dark?

Brian Skonieczny, Southington

Time for renovation


As a great grandson of H. Wales Lines, I am appalled that there is any consideration of removing the clock tower from Meriden City Hall. This building is a historic landmark for Meriden, and is immediately recognizable to all who have lived in (or even visited) Meriden. A renovation, or re-building of the tower will continue to keep the face of Meriden alive and well for centuries to come.

Marcus Hamilton, Meriden


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