Readers’ Opinions, 4-30-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 4-30-2014


Are we free?


Abraham Lincoln called America “a government of the people by the people and for the people.” When did it become a “government of the government, by the government, for the government with corporate approval?” It is disgusting the way the government intrudes on every aspect our lives, from what we can eat, to how our children are taught to memorize in school what the government wants them to. No longer are they educated to think and reason. Why should Americans have to pay or get permission to use public land which belongs to the people, not the government?

Since the government controls the education system, it is not surprising that the youth of today are not being educated in the fact that the government is to work for the people, not the other way around. The government owns nothing, produces nothing, makes no money; everything the government has it takes from the people.

America was once the land of the free and the home of brave. We are no longer the land of the free. Our legislatures meet once a year to further enslave us under new laws that for the most part do nothing except take away more freedoms. Are we still the home of the brave? The next elections will tell. Will the silent majority be silent no more and vote in people who will put America back in the hands of the people and make it once again the land of the free, or will America turn into a country of slaves to the government?

Jim Neilson, Cheshire



I was the owner of a wallpaper, painting and interior design business for 35 years. I was blessed to be able to train many young people, some now have their own business. In 2004, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. My prognosis was poor. I closed my business and went on Disability Social Security. I was very angry that this illness was dictating what I would be able to do. There was anger, sadness, depression and loneliness. I was very sick from the treatments. Then came determination not to let this illness take me down. I wasn’t going to stand by and let cancer take over. If I had to have cancer, I was going to participate, not be dominated.

Two years later, my husband became very ill. I told my doctors I was going back to work for better insurance so he would have the best of care. They said it would be too much for me. My determination got me a job in Meriden. I was honest with them about my problems, but they hired me.

I feel blessed for that and the support from family and friends. I’ve had a few medical issues in the last five years. My employer had to send me out in an ambulance a few times, but always encouraged me to come back (which I did). I’ve enjoyed working at this business and my cancer has given me insight which I’ve been able to share with other cancer patients. I feel my wings have gone full circle in the last 10 years. I hope that my experience with cancer helps others.

I want my circle to end in the business that I started 35 years ago — with a fishing tackle box, a handful of tools and an old truck.

Joan Connelly, Meriden

The joke’s on us


I just heard on the radio that the $55 promised to taxpayers by Gov. Malloy has been canceled. Surprised? How could you be?

And, anyhow, what would $55 do? Certainly it is not nearly as much as the taxes that those of us who use cars pay at the gas pump. The joke is on us. Who would like our money used for better things? What sense does the bus route from New Britain to Hartford make? How are people who may wish to get the bus to Hartford going to get to the bus line, or park? Elections are coming this fall.

Let’s get together and do what the smart people of Meriden accomplished last November — they voted for Manny Santos. With more cooperation, we will accomplish great things for Meriden and the state.

Arline J. Dunlop, Meriden

Respected senator


Soon, citizens of Cheshire, Meriden, Middletown and Middlesex (Connecticut District #13) will be deluged with campaign speeches and advertisements urging us to vote for a candidate for the Connecticut state senate. Please remember that in this time of economic uncertainty that we, in the middle- and lower-income brackets, need an advocate who is “one of us.” We need a senator who is honest, trustworthy, and who is respected by their peers and taken seriously by the people who establish Connecticut’s priorities and who make the rules within which we must live. We currently have such a person working for us within the state senate. Her name is Senator Dante’ Bartolomeo.

Dante’ has distinguished herself during her first term, as an honest, intelligent, assertive woman who listens to the people she serves, and gets things done. She pursues truth and works hard at identifying her constituents’ needs. We have been able to trust that Dante’ will convey our needs and hopes to those who can improve the lives of the people of Connecticut. We must have transparency in government to assure that the people of Connecticut recognize and understand who, and what, is directing and affecting our lives, and the lives of our children. Dante’ Bartolomeo will continue to be a senator who you can trust to work hard for you and your family.

You can easily follow Dante’s activities and accomplishments as your senator for the 13th district by going to her website or call her at her office (860)-240-0441. You can also follow her on Twitter or Facebook by searching “Dante Bartolomeo.” You can receive her newsletter by requesting it on her website.

Beverly Calza, Wallingford

Good work


Congratulations to Representative Cathy Abercrombie for her award from the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut! I urge her to keep up the good work.

Diane Morenz, Meriden


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