If you have a moment, boot up your computer, tablet, or smartphone and check out (Or, for those reading online, it’s worth the matter of seconds necessary to launch a new tab to view the url.)

This sleek website is part of the Meriden2020 marketing campaign to rebrand the city in connection with ongoing and forthcoming revitalization projects. These projects — a rebuilt Hub park, renovated high schools, and enhanced rail service, among others — signify good things to come. Local leaders are right to highlight this auspicious future with the campaign, for which the full slogan is “Meriden2020: Bringing it. Together.” In the catchphrase, the year “2020” is meant to give residents a firm time line for completion of projects. Six years would seem a realistic goal for improvement, especially if, as the slogan suggests, municipal officials work together.

For now, mostly links to other urls for city institutions, such as schools and recreational organizations. It also links to external pages that explain planned transportation changes. But, like the city that launched it, the site has more in store for the future. Town officials will put online a live camera feed focused on the Hub, as reconstruction efforts transform the vacant area into an aesthetic park. Also envisioned for the website is 3D renderings of the Hub blueprints, accessible by anyone with internet access. “What we’re trying to do is familiarize people with the website and the brand and slogan,” stated Juliet Burdelski, the city’s economic development director.

It’s all for an important objective: improving the perception of Meriden. During the years, in op-eds and letters to the editor on these editorial pages, people have criticized the state of the city, especially downtown. Revitalization projects, plus the new marketing campaign, should go a long way toward reversing the negative opinion some people have regarding this municipality. symbolizes a positive outlook for this, the Silver City. As proffered by CT Economic Resource Center consultant Don Wilson, “It will enhance the perception of Meriden as a great place to live and work.” We agree.


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