Readers’ Opinions, 5-1-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 5-1-2014


Daffodil discord


Being a musician and music lover, I often go to the Daffodil Festival with the anticipation of hearing some great talent. The musicians never fail to deliver genuine, heartfelt performances. The fact that many of them have a tie to Meriden is a big plus. I give my thanks to the organizers.

Unfortunately, I am usually disappointed with the quality of sound delivered by the company that is hired to provide the audio equipment and engineers. With the technology currently available, the quality of the audio depends heavily on the equipment used and the person sitting at the mixing console. My biggest issue is with the decibel level of the bands in the food tent. I usually make a food purchase and then find myself wanting to leave the tent because the music is too loud (and not clear).

Because I often go to professional shows, I know how good music can sound. I recently attended a Jimi Hendrix tribute show, so I am not a “volume prude.” A modern, line array, speaker system in the food tent would improve the sound quality. The engineers would also do the venue justice by not trying to saturate the back of the tent with the sound. Those that want to enjoy the music in the food tent can move closer to the bands, those that want to socialize can hang back. The same considerations should be given for the Welcome Stage. The sound in that area only needs to reach the seating within the immediate area. The area in front of the James J. Barry Band Shell can handle a higher volume of sound than the other two music venues of the festival. Concert level audio is warranted and expected there.

I’m sure the festival will continue to be a great place to hear live music. I feel that the value and approach of the audio company should be evaluated by the committee.

John Moisuk, Meriden

GOP hysteria


I feel sorry for Republicans — their paranoia and feelings of persecution must be a heavy burden to bear. Why are they this way? Well, following basic Fox “News” in the evening, viewers ofter proceed to listen to Gretta Van Susteren and Bill O’Reilly, and then the “impartial analysis” of the news, as observed by Sean Hannity.

With these obviously “unbiased” analysts providing non-stop distortions and outright lies, what is the poor Republican viewer to think? It appears that most of these viewers are incapable of independent thought; so all they understand is what they hear. They have become “ear learners.”

Unfortunately, their hysteria is ruled by lack of factual understanding.

The truth is, America is the last of the world’s developed countries to adopt affordable health care for its citizens.

Despite the House of Representatives wasting millions of taxpayer dollars to attempt repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act, the law continues gaining momentum with its success. More people are not faced with loosing their homes because of high hospital bills, and insurance companies won’t deny coverage for existing health conditions.

Years from now, people will look back and say, “How did we ever live without affordable health care? If we didn’t have it, the country would go broke.” Then, Fox “News” will say, “It was a Republican idea, of course.”

Edward G. DeRosa, Meriden


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