Readers’ Opinions, 6-17-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 6-17-2014


An old principle


I could not help but respond after reading Tim Roy’s letter (R-J, 6-13). Many of the complaints he offers echo the rants often heard on certain right-wing cable news stations. It was not the “liberal” policies of the Obama administration that led to great suffering and high levels of unemployment, but the catastrophic economic meltdown that began during the previous administration due to a lack of liberal policies, such as the effective regulation of the banking industry.

The fury over the Benghazi incident, and any alleged lies by the administration, seems odd given the apparent lack of concern about lies concerning weapons of mass destruction by the previous administration that led to the deaths of over 4,000 brave American soldiers and well over 1 trillion dollars of tax payer funds spent in Iraq. Unfortunately, Roy and I share a common problem. We both believe that things would be better if only those of our fellow citizens on the other side of the political divide in our country could be overwhelmingly defeated. In fact, neither of us is likely to see that happen. Roughly thirty percent line up on one side, roughly thirty percent on the other, and forty percent somewhere in the middle.

When the Constitution was being written, there were similar levels of polarization. The framers were faced with serious disagreements that threatened to destroy the new republic at its birth. Instead, they were able to cross those divides with a series of compromises. No one really liked these, and some were truly odious, but it was by making those compromises, and not insisting on total victory, that they were able to create the creaky, flawed, but remarkably stable government that we have today. Perhaps Roy and I should both follow their example.

Douglas Benham, Wallingford

Jack’s journey


The Grotti and Gaffey families would like to thank the Wallingford Public Library, Lyman Hall High School, reporter Eric Vo and the Record-Journal and the hundreds of people who attended the “Bounce Back Jack” pasta dinner May 21 to offer their help and support for our grandson Jack Grotti. The generosity of so many who attended this amazing event will help to insure that Jack can continue to recover from his brain tumor and to reach his highest potential.

Jack just celebrated his first birthday and continues to work hard on his recovery. His trademark “Popeye” smile is winning him many new friends!

You can follow Jack’s journey at We ask that you continue to keep this little boy in your heart. You remain in ours.

Thank you all so very much.

James/Ruth Gaffey, Wallingford

Let’s go solar!


There are three words that can make the Simpson Court parking lot more affordable and gain my, and others’ support: Solar Freakin Roadways. If you haven’t seen this YouTube video explaining this great new technology, I suggest looking it up and then asking Wallingford to install an energy-producing parking lot downtown. Not only would this type of parking lot pay the town back more than the installation cost, but it contains heating elements to melt snow to cut down on plowing and maintenance costs. Living in Sandpoint, Idaho, the designer understands the need for snow removal and provides a option to keep electrical and communication wires underground. This would also qualify the parking lot costs for several loans, grants and reimbursements from the state and federal governments. Let’s embrace the future and go solar.

Ben Martin, Wallingford

Armed Americans


In response to Nick Piccolo’s letter (R-J, 6-11), I hope I can enlighten him on some of his comments. There is not one gun manufacturer who makes guns to shoot people, or dealers who sell them for that purpose. They are made to win wars and to protect our fatherland, the USA. The only reason this country has not been attacked is that the Americans citizen is armed. When Piccolo brought up the National Rifle Association in his commentary, he was talking about nine million members. That’s what the NRA is about — our freedom. The NRA is the best tool we have against Washington’s greed. The NRA doesn’t buy and sell guns. When Connecticut passed the gun laws in this state, they lost a lot of jobs. The underground has gotten fat. They just love the governor of Connecticut.

Curtis Fanjoy, Meriden



I wanted to thank David Cravanzola, Meghan Semenetz and Steve Baranello from the school construction team which has become part of Meriden’s Platt High School family. Dave and his team helped set up a Personalized Learning Experience for eleven of our students. The students meet the team each month for a learning lunch. Each lunch we had guest speakers from masonry, electric to HVAC speak to our students about every aspect of the job from the ground up — college, training and expectations. Each learning lunch was followed by a tour of the new building. Every student received a construction helmet and vest and received an in-depth real-world experience of what goes into the bones of a building. Next year the team will take on new students for a PLE. They realize the value of being entwined with Platt and helping foster real-world experiences for our students. A special thanks to Abby Marcantonio, our career counselor, and Keith Lombardo, a guidance counselor, for helping with the program, as well. (The writer is a personalized learning coordinator at Platt.)

James Flynn, Meriden



Meriden City Councilor Cathy Battista’s waste of taxpayers’ money and police time on a non-issue is indicative of her and her cohort’s attitude towards citizens’ hard-earned money. It’s not the police department’s responsibility to mediate arguments between council members. When Battista asked for a police presence at a meeting, did she think Councilor Lenny Rich was going to hit her? Come on! Rich’s blunt, no-nonsense approach is in sharp contrast to Battista’s “let’s spend money on everything because it feels so good” approach. They are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, and they are bound to clash.

Battista continued to call Rich after he terminated the discussion, so I believe that she was very clearly an aggressor in this situation. The situation probably escalated on both sides. If Battista can’t take the heat, then she should get out of the fire. Councilor Brian Daniels, in his typical political fashion, tried to escalate the situation.

If Daniels and Battista are into dramatics, well, the rest of us might as well sit back and enjoy the show. Hey, that’s an idea! Cathy Battista, Brian Daniels, Frank Rotella and Artie hosting a round-table discussion on access TV — get the hankies and the popcorn!

Andrew Piatek, Meriden



Having the backing of what I believe to be pawns who follow his every wish, Meriden City Councilor Brian Daniels yet again attempts to influence the thinking of city residents through a social media. Unfortunately, politics is, and has been, a podium for elected leaders to abuse and sway people into believing that their thoughts and opinions are the only way. If their will is not obtained in a civil manner, other avenues and allies are sought to gain notice.

In what I consider to be a biased letter written on 6-14, Daniels and another councilor teamed up with intentions of smearing fellow councilor Lenny Rich’s name. The purpose of the letter was another ill-fated attempt to label Rich (my father) as an unprofessional, angry tyrant. Daniels and his crony stooped to digging up emails on a heated topic that the accusers faced opposition over weeks prior. The writers chose to use an angle of feeling personally threatened to advance their agenda, stating that a police presence was needed at the next council meeting. What?

I believe that Rich, although unpolished in the use of email, responded to prior messages on a topic that went much deeper than the smidgen of information mentioned. Ironically enough, the verbal tirades and insults by what I characterize as so-called “victims” in this matter were left unmentioned. Wouldn’t you know?

For too long these people have ruled and made decisions with very little opposition. The sooner Daniels and his pawns accept that their word is not laced in gold, the sooner all the nonsense will end. For future reference, let’s spare the intelligent people of Meriden from such useless garble and instead be concerned with making smart decisions that actually affect our residents in a positive manner.

Andrew Rich, Meriden

Stop bickering!


Grow up, city councilors, and stop this ridiculous bickering, emails, phones calls, personal attacks — enough! Start doing the job you were voted into office for. Also remember, Manny Santos is Mayor, elected by the people of Meriden, please put aside your political parties and personal agendas and let him do his job, which is to improve the City of Meriden for us all.

Rosemary Fritz, Meriden


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