May Crowning

May Crowning


Mary is honored by the third grade children of St. Thomas Becket Church, in Cheshire, following their First Communion Ceremony the day before.

The month of May is traditionally dedicated to Mary in many cultures.

May is considered the season of the beginning of new life. The statue of Mary was crowned with a wreath of blossoms to indicate Mary’s virtues that are to be imitated by the faithful. The children also left a dozen roses in her honor near her statue. The two children selected to crown

Mary are Kaela Ljungquist and Andrew Borajkeiwicz. Father John Gwozdz, pastor of St. Thomas Becket Church presided over the ceremony on Sunday,

May 4.

3 children photo: May Crowning Gifts presented Leah Gentile, Devan Fernando and Megan Doyle.

2 children Crowning photo: Kaela Ljungquist and Andrew Borajkiewicz.

Group photo: Kristian Adlianitski, Devan Fernando, Colton Harte, Christian Sutphin, Michael Simeone, Bradley Fowler, Clyde D’Souza, Matthew Jauchler, Duncan McNeil (Altar Server), Leah Gentile, Mia Blaze, Kathryn McCardle, Lizzie Braun, Teresa DeMatties, Ava Simeone, Ella Crerar, Colby Paul and Megan Doyle. Crowning couple with backs are Kaela Ljungquist and Andrew Borajkiewicz.

Father John Gwozdz presiding.


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