Fifth grade rocket science

Fifth grade rocket science


The fifth grade students at Ben Franklin Elementary School in Meriden are studying space science, and as part of this curriculum built and launched rockets in the school gym on Wednesday, Nov. 27. The students used an air compressor with an air pressured rocket launcher to propel the rockets. The rockets were constructed with oak tag paper, glue and duck tape, some traveled up to 175 feet.

The students in this photo are: Daniel Dloaczynski, Jacob Jaworski, Jadalize Grimes, Daniel Krzos, Ashley Ortiz, Raphael Mahario, Makeena Sweeney, Jessie Rich, Clayton Bruenn, Humza Miyan and Isabella Schmitt; bottom students are: Shaunessy Reynolds, Jherquez Slater, Deneshka Badillo, Azalia Rowe, Taylor Merritt, Victoria Logodicio, Angelina Bazinet and Jody Rivera. The grade 5 teacher is Terence Ayrton, top center.


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