Plainville Little League looks for HOF nominees

Plainville Little League looks for HOF nominees


PLAINVILLE — Seemingly every sports organization with a storied history has a Hall of Fame.

From record holders to record breakers and championship teams, each Hall has a story.

Board members of Plainville Little League began a Hall of Fame last year, yet theirs tells a rather different tale.

Instead of recalling great athletes, theirs recalls great volunteers.

“It was kind of a combination of when we built the new field at Trumbull Park we decided to call it Volunteer Field, so that kind of morphed into the idea of creating a Volunteer Hall of Fame,” PLL safety director Bill Bulger said. “Not just coaches, not just managers, but for anyone that’s been around a while in the league.”

The inaugural class, which featured three members with a combined 140-plus years of service to PLL, set a standard that Bulger -along with the Little League’s Treasurer Jeff Dalena –are looking to match.

Both men have worked with the local Little League for upwards of 20 years each, yet they understand that there is plenty of history they haven’t covered in their time helping. Since the League has been around for more than 65 years, Bulger and Dalena hope that others around town may know of storied volunteers the two men haven’t discovered yet.

“We have names that we can say but we’re looking for someone out there that says ‘Man, this guy really made an influence on me,’” Dalena said.

The list in ways nominees influenced others isn’t simply limited to umpires or coaches, either. While those who have umped or coached are more than welcome to be nominated, Dalena and Bulger also hope to acquire names of those that have managed, served on the PLL executive board, worked the concession stand or helped with the league in any other method.

“We don’t just want to keep picking from people we know, because we know there’s been people involved in the past who have done a great deal for the league, but don’t have that knowledge,” Bulger said. “I’ve heard some random names in the past, but really just don’t know that history.”

For those who do know of worthy volunteers, they are encouraged to email the duo at with a brief biography of the nominee to inform the board members of their contributions to the league.

The newest member of the Volunteer Hall of Fame will be honored in a ceremony during the League’s last game of the season on June 10.

“We want to see somebody that was here from 40 years ago. We want to see somebody that was really instrumental,” Dalena said. “That’s what it’s about. It’s about the volunteers of Little League that have given back to the community, and they should be recognized.”

Nominations can be submitted through May 27.


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