Timberlin pro shares some tips
to help your golf game in the offseason

Timberlin pro shares some tips
to help your golf game in the offseason


Well, it’s officially the winter. Even though golf courses are covered with snow, there are still ways you can improve your golf game.

Putting is such an important part of the game and is the club used most in every round of golf you play. During the winter, try to make time to work on your putting every day. This can be done easily at home on any carpet or an indoor putting mat. It’s a great time to check your fundamentals, such as setup and grip, as well as make minor adjustments to improve your stroke.

Improve your body. Find a fitness professional who specializes in golf and can evaluate and prescribe a workout based on your physical limitations and weaknesses. A designed workout plan can also help prevent injury when spring comes and you are back playing. A good majority of golfers have certain strength and endurance problems that prevent them from playing better golf. One area that is extremely important is core strength.

Come up with a better golf course management strategy. Watch the players on the PGA Tour, they don’t fire at every flagstick. They are trying to shoot the lowest score they can, but also must play smart. Sometimes par is a good score, as big numbers will prevent you from maximizing your potential. A good tip for the average player is to play for the middle of the green on every full approach shot. Try it when spring comes, you may be surprised how you score better.

Lastly, try and swing every day. Put a club in your hands and make practice swings feeling any changes you may be trying to incorporate in to your swing. Also, try and visualize shots in your mind while swinging. This will help you keep in touch with your clubs and your swing. It will also provide you with valuable repetition which will have you ready for opening day in the spring.

Try these four ways to improve your golf game this off-season and be ready when the snow melts. I hope to see you on the tee sooner than later!

The writer is the PGA Head Golf Professional at Timberlin Golf Club. To contact him with golf questions or information regarding golf lessons, email timberlinhp@gmail.com.


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