Wallingford council approves custodian contract

Wallingford council approves custodian contract


WALLINGFORD — Members of the Wallingford custodians union will receive a 2 percent raise in each of the next two years under a contract approved Tuesday by the Town Council.

The council voted 8-1 to approve a two-year contract with the 35-member custodians union, with Republican Councilor Craig Fishbein voting in opposition.

The contract will be applied retroactively to July 1, 2016, and run through June 2018. The raises will increase total salaries by $72,235 over two years.

The custodians’ annual 2 percent raises mirror the 2 percent raises given to members of the Wallingford police union in a new contract approved last month. In November, Wallingford teachers got a new contract that will increase total teacher salaries by 8.75 percent — $4.17 million — over three years.

Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Cindy Lavalette and Board of Education Chairwoman Roxane McKay presented contract details at Tuesday’s meeting.

Following the contract discussion, the only item on the meeting agenda, the council entered a closed-door meeting to discuss the town’s ongoing arbitration with the Connecticut Municipal Energy Electric Energy Cooperative. The session was attended by Public Utilities Director George Adair and Public Utilities Commission members Bob Beaumont and Patrick Birney.

During a prior public comment session, Mayor William W. Dickinson Jr. was asked by resident Larry Morgenstein if there were any updates in the arbitration. Dickinson declined to provide updates, saying there’s an “effort to supply information (to the public) when deemed appropriate.”

Morgenstein referenced an op-ed column by Mike Brodinsky, published in the Record-Journal on Dec. 11, which reported recent rulings made in the arbitration. Morgenstein noted the column was published a few days after Adair said there was “nothing new to announce” at a PUC meeting on Dec. 6. When asked about the column, Adair said he had not read it and could not comment.



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