Meriden park transformed into medieval battleground

Meriden park transformed into medieval battleground


MERIDEN —Hubbard Park was transformed into a medieval battleground Saturday afternoon as the Connecticut “Myrmidon” chapter of the Dagorhir Battle Games Association came out to play.

Dagorhir is a full-contact re-enactment of medieval-era warfare using padded weapons, often made by hand. The players wear traditional garb, also handmade, and some carried bared shields, spears, javelins, swords, bows and arrows. Many wore chainmail armor, some full suits of armor.

Tim Smith, of Norwalk, who organized the event, explained that the Myrmidon chapter meets for weekly practices in Norwalk in preparation for large events like the one on Saturday.

“It’s great physical activity, and it’s very engaging,” Smith said. “There’s not much like this anywhere else.”

Members from other chapters of the Dagorhir Battle Games Association came from Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Vermont to battle at Hubbard Park.

The Myrmidon chapter is a tightly knit community. As members arrived, they were greeted with hugs and warm welcomes from friends. The group stays in touch through social media. Each chapter has its own Facebook page, and chapters share information on upcoming events. Members of Myrmidon also communicate through the Group Me app, where players offer tips for outfits and weapons, and sell or trade items.

Two friends, Eli Trotter and Mia Fitzgerald, stood together as the group of about 40 players prepared for the day’s first battle.

“I know a lot of the people here, and we just have a lot of fun doing this,” said Fitzgerald.

Trotter noted that a lot of his motivation in the games comes from a personal interest in history. Both Trotter and Fitzgerald confirmed that they would be going to many more battles like this one.

Several unique battle games were scheduled for the afternoon, with names like “Leprechaun Battle,” “Rescue the Princess” and “King Battle.” With over a foot of snow covering the battlefield, along with strong winds and the often blinding reflection of the sun, players pushed through despite the forces of nature.

Chris Williams, also from the Myrmidon chapter, said the first two battles were “brutal” due to the snow. Williams has been with the group for almost two years, and he plans to keep coming back.

“It’s simple. I’m a kid at heart, and this is the ultimate game of pretend … And I get to hit people and not get in trouble,” he said.


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