Q&A: Brian Frank from Killer Bee talks new album

Q&A: Brian Frank from Killer Bee talks new album


Brian Frank and his band – Killer Bee – recently released a new album titled “Eye in the Sky.”

The Swedish-Canadian band has been around since the early 1990s and the lead singer/ songwriter joined the Record-Journal’s “On the Record: Music” podcast to discuss the band’s new album and upcoming European tour.

Q: What’s been the reception for the new album?

A: It’s really good. We’re really happy with the response we have been getting live actually. It’s been great.”

Q: What was the inspiration behind it?

A: We didn’t really fine tune anything, we’re a Rock and Roll band and I think we kind of found a niche in this album and went ahead with it.

Q: You guys added a couple of new members last year, how has that worked out?

A: It’s working out great. We got Shawn Duncan on the drums, we got Andre Hägglund and Christopher Sjöström. We’re basically bringing back the Swedish members, for a long time the band was a very multinational band. We had three Canadians, an American and Anders (Rönnblom) is Swedish. Now we have three Swedish, two Canadians and an American.

Q: Any plans to head back to the United States after your tour in the fall?

A: I was just talking my manager and apparently (a U.S. tour is) in the process of being finalized right now...we don’t have all the details and I can’t get into it myself but I was just on the phone with him about it this afternoon.

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