Late summer completion date for Berlin bridge

Late summer completion date for Berlin bridge


BERLIN — The Farmington Avenue Bridge replacement is expected to be done between August and September after a lengthy delay, according to Public Works.

The bridge over the Mattabesset River was torn down last year and is currently being rebuilt.

The area has been closed off since the summer with a detour through Seymour Road.

“There were some delays associated with utilities,” said Jack Healy, Public Works Director, Town Engineer and Temporary Town Manager.

Healy said clean up was needed after ground contamination was found from an old gas station that used to be on the corner.

About 80 percent of the over $2 million project has been funded federally while the town and state covers 10 percent each.

High Road Bridge in Kensington, over the Sebethe River, will be replaced next for $1 million with 50 percent town funding and 50 percent from state grants.

The section will be closed from May to October.


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