Location mapped out for potential Plainville dog park

Location mapped out for potential Plainville dog park


PLAINVILLE — Norton Place Extension could be the site of a future dog park.

Town Manager Robert Lee recently toured the site with Dan Ciesielski, chair of the dog park committee.

“I think it’s a nice site,” Ciesielski said. “I think it causes the least amount of disruption.”

The proposed park would have separate areas for small and large dogs, surrounded by approximately 1,000 feet of fencing.

The committee initially hoped to open a dog park at an existing park, but police and town officials had safety concerns.

Robert Street Extension was another option that Lee suggested to the committee. The location, favored by the Town Council and other officials, was ranked as least desired in an online survey created by the committee. Robert Street Extension is nearly empty after the town demolished homes due to flooding in the area.

The end of Norton Place Extension, off Robert Street Extension, was recently staked with markers indicating the estimated area for the park.

“They were able to see more clearly where the location would be,” Lee said.

Ciesielski said the cost of the park is estimated to be around $25,000. The project would likely be funded by donations and fundraisers.

The Norton Place Extension site would only need to have brush removed. The other proposed sites, like Norton Park, would require a lot more work to clear the land for a dog park.

Norton Place Extension also has space for parking.

Ciesielski will present the proposal to the committee at a meeting on May 10. The public is expected to be able to tour the potential park during weekends in the summer.

Input can be sent to ccellski@yahoo.com.


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