Wallingford resident opens supplement store in Meriden

Wallingford resident opens supplement store in Meriden


MERIDEN — A Wallingford resident recently opened a supplements store in a Route 5 plaza.

John Ritchotte, 25, opened CT Supplements, in Townline Square Shopping Center, 477 S. Broad St., in early May. The franchise, which also has locations in Orange, Monroe and Waterbury, carries protein-based cookies, pizzas, and pancake mixes, as well as supplement store staples whey protein and pre-workout powders.

“We’re not here just for sales,” Ritchotte said. “We’re looking to give you what you need and what you want.”

Ritchotte said the Meriden-Wallingford area was an attractive place for the business because of its many gyms.

Last year, Ferraro’s Gym opened in downtown Wallingford, and in January, Silver City Barbell opened in downtown Meriden .The store is also right near The Edge Fitness Club and Planet Fitness.

Ritchotte was shopping at the franchise’s Orange location when store owner and friend, Ray O’Connell, approached him about opening a store in Meriden. O’Connell said Ritchotte was the right person to manage the store due to his previous experience in personal training, bodybuilding competitions and other aspects of the fitness industry.

Ritchotte said the store’s goal is to help customers achieve results, whether it be muscle gain or weight loss.

“We try and keep tabs on everything people are doing, remember who they are the next time they come in,” Ritchotte said.

“We don’t bring something on the shelf unless we can back it,” he said. “Everything I have on the shelf is something that I would use.”

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