Wife of Meriden police chief sells ‘high profile’ property

Wife of Meriden police chief sells ‘high profile’ property


MERIDEN — A well-known Randolph Avenue property owned by the wife of Police Chief Jeffry Cossette has been sold.

Susan Cossette sold 44 Randolph Ave. to Happy Neighborhood LLC for $153,000 last month. City resident Jay Sheth is named as the company’s principal, according to state records.

Sheth and Susan Cossette could not be reached for comment.

Susan Cossette had purchased the house for $45,000 in 2011.

Built in 1890, the eight-unit, 2,855-square-foot rooming house is valued at $144,000, according to city records.

The property was highlighted in an investigation conducted by the law firm Berchem, Moses & Devlin last year as part claims of retaliation former police Capt. Patrick Gaynor made against the police chief. Gaynor was fired last month after investigators ruled he was untruthful in his claims. The investigation refers to 44 Randolph Ave. as “high profile” along with other properties owned by Susan Cossette at 118 and 170 Colony St.

“The high profile of the Randolph Avenue and Colony Street properties is obviously an issue the Chief should be cognizant of and he can expect his wife’s ownership of these properties in particular will continue to be a source of controversy regarding the perceived conflict of interest,” the report stated.

The decision to sell the property had nothing to do with comments in the report, Jeffry Cossette said, saying his wife frequently “flips” homes.

“She decides to buy and sell things all the time,” Cossette said. “That’s what she does.”

Police responded to the property 18 times in the past year. One incident involved a dispute between a tenant and Susan Cossette over missing cats.

Sgt. Christopher Fry, a police spokesman, said at the time he believed the officers involved handled the situation appropriately.

“I believe everything was done quite fairly,” Fry said. “I think extra scrutiny is placed upon that property because it is the chief’s wife’s house.”

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