Fired Meriden police captain receives pension

Fired Meriden police captain receives pension


MERIDEN – The city’s pension board has approved a $4,889 monthly pension for former police captain Patrick Gaynor, who was terminated last month following a lengthy internal affairs investigation.

Gaynor, who was hired in 1996, was terminated June 26 after former New Hampshire police chief Charles Reynolds upheld three of 63 counts against Gaynor in an internal investigation, including untruthfulness and retaliatory conduct.

Gaynor had been on paid administrative leave since December. Prior to that, Gaynor had been on paid leave for two months during a separate investigation opened by Police Chief Jeffry Cossette in September alleging Gaynor had misused city funds as interim head of the city’s dispatch center. In that investigation, Reynolds determined Gaynor did not misappropriate funds.

After Cossette initiated the investigation into the misuse of funds, Gaynor filed a complaint against Cossette claiming the chief engaged in a pattern of retaliatory behavior since the federal conviction of his son, former police officer Evan Cossette, in 2013.

The internal investigation that resulted in Gaynor’s termination was initiated in December by City Manager Guy Scaife after law firm Berchem, Moses & Devlin’s investigation failed to substantiate Gaynor’s retaliation complaint against Cossette. The investigation cost the city $51,724.

The board voted to grant Gaynor his pension, citing a letter from City Attorney Deborah Moore. In the letter, Moore recommended Gaynor’s pension be processed “in the usual course,” as his termination letter and submission of his pension application both occurred on June 26. Moore also said she received guidance from Attorney Bruce Barth, who works for Robinson & Cole

“Given the situation and the facts described above, Attorney Barth indicated that Mr. Gaynor is eligible to collect a pension,” Moore wrote.

Gaynor’s pension will be $58,678.56 a year, paid out in monthly installments of $4,889.88.
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