LETTERS: Gov. Malloy and Sen. Fasano / President Trump’s response to Charlottesville

LETTERS: Gov. Malloy and Sen. Fasano / President Trump’s response to Charlottesville


Cheap seats


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy thoroughly embarrassed himself when he said “I’m amazed, when you consider how much cake (Senate Republican Leader) Len Fasano eats and has, too, that he’s not heavier than he is.” (“Malloy blasts Senate GOP leader over budget, says Fasano ‘sits in the cheap seats and throws shots and gets nothing done,’” Aug. 21).

How childish. How sad.

When our failed, lame duck, tax-hiking governor resorts to remarks like that in the budget debate, it is clear that he’s given up on the facts and on substantive debate.

It’s too bad we don’t have a “recall” law in Connecticut for situations like this. Hopefully, a taxpayer advocate like Sen. Len Suzio will put such a proposal on his future to-do list.

Christopher Diorio, Cheshire

Trump’s response to Charlottesville


Our President, on 8/15/2017, conflated Nazi marchers with protesters demonstrating against the evil and hateful violence being proffered. They marched with Nazi flags, shields, helmets, clubs, firearms, torches and drove a car into the crowd; killing a 32-year-old woman, while injuring 19 others. There have been previous claims of Trump having racist and Nazi sympathies. The proof of these claims may have been answered in the aftermath of Charlottesville. Quite eerily, it was reminiscent of the Nazi brown shirt marches of the early 1930s and revived memories of a world war fought against that painful philosophy of abject hate and extreme-inhumane cruelty. This president has drawn a line, never before imagined, to clearly express his sentiments and where they are focused. We have seen this before in Germany where many sensible people did not take the matter seriously. When angry voices, in Nazi regalia, yell out “Heil Trump” there is a very real cause for concern. When he speaks of those who were protesting because they were trying to protect their “heritage” … one has to wonder which heritage he is speaking of? Arlington cemetery is but one testament to the struggle against this scourge. Donald Trump has disrespected and disregarded the ultimate sacrifice these men and women have given to preserve our very freedoms. While he continuously pushes the envelope of incredible absurdity, in this instance, he has pushed way too far. His expression extends well beyond the pale, well beyond un-presidential and purports to reflect a view that must be (by definition) un-American and universally condemned. This attitude, in our America, cannot and must not stand.

Delmiro D. Gomes, Southington


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