Plainville Republicans and Democrats endorse candidate slates

Plainville Republicans and Democrats endorse candidate slates


PLAINVILLE — All seven members of the Town Council will be seeking re-election this fall along with three others.

“We believe we can continue to deliver services without impacting the tax payers,” said Kathy Pugliese, Republican chairwoman of the council.

Republican newcomer Ty Cox will be joining the race along with Democrats Jesse Gnazzo and Richard Ireland Jr., also newcomers.

Democrat Robert Ciotto will be running for re-election to the council after being appointed during the winter to take Quinn Christopher’s spot after she resigned.

Christopher Wazorko will also be running for re-election. “We have a good combination of experience,” said Rosemary Morante, council incumbent and chairwoman of the Democratic Town Committee.

Republicans joining Pugliese include current vice-chairman Scott Saunders, Danny Carrier and Deb Tompkins.

The Board of Education also has several incumbents seeking re-election. Republican Chairwoman Andrea Saunders will be on the ballot along with Nicole Palmieri and newcomer Lori Consalvo.

The Democratic committee endorsed incumbent Becky Tyrrell with new candidates Rebecca Martinez and Kathleen Wells.Other endorsements by both parties include candidates for constable and library Trustee.
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