Lyman Orchards’ sunflower maze opens for another season in Middlefield

Lyman Orchards’ sunflower maze opens for another season in Middlefield


MIDDLEFIELD — People from throughout the region have begun the annual late-summer trek to wander through the maze of more than 350,000 sunflowers blooming at Lyman Orchards — and perhaps even get lost in the process.

The maze opened last Thursday. By noon, Lyman Orchards teemed with excitement. Despite the heat, everyone was in bright spirits, eager to find their own way through the maze.

A dollar from each ticket sold goes to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. In the past decade, Lyman Orchards raised about $79,000 for this cause.

The theme of the 2-mile trail made a splash with guests. From above, the maze forms characters Splash and Bubbles from the popular PBS show.

Among the yellow and red variations of flowers, children and adults find fun facts and trivia, creating both a fun and educational experience.

Tim Burt, Lyman Orchards director of marketing, is enthusiastic. “So far it has been a very strong season,” he said.

Burt said he enjoys the community aspect of the annual maze. “The key about this to me is parents and kids and grandparents,” he said.

Burt highlighted the importance of keeping guests safe in the maze by planting sterile sunflowers. The flowers contain no pollen and therefore there’s no need to worry about allergies. Not to mention, bees are forced out of the area.

Lee Evans, joined by her son and daughter, came from New Milford to walk through the maze, which is her favorite part of visiting Lyman Orchards.

Denise Vollbracht, Brad Ingoglia, Sarah Cohen, and her baby traveled all the way from Long Island to visit the maze for the first time. While they enjoyed the maze, the apple pockets from the store a little ways down the road came in a close second for them.

Burt noted apple season will arrive early this year. After apple season comes the opening of the corn maze in September. This year’s theme is Charles Lindbergh, as this year marked the 90th anniversary of his flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

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