EDITORIAL: Hurricanes bring out the best in Americans

EDITORIAL: Hurricanes bring out the best in Americans


While we didn’t need another poll to tell us that our country is deeply polarized, we got one recently from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News that pointed out just that. The survey found that 80 percent of respondents saw the U.S. as mainly or totally divided.

Thankfully, it appears the rift among Americans is not unbridgeable. Since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Hurricane Irma slammed Florida, we have been heartened to see the country come together to support those affected by the storms.

Americans have donated money and goods to victims, businesses and churches opened their doors to the displaced, and people showed up in Texas with boats and supplies. Strangers helping strangers.

Wallingford resident Kristen Johnson traveled to Louisiana to help with pet rescue efforts, and Berlin police officer Dave Cruickshank was deployed to Houston with a national disaster medical team organized by a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Berlin Police Chief Paul Fitzgerald praised Cruickshank’s efforts.

“He leaves his workplace, he leaves his family in order to provide service,” Fitzgerald said. “There is some of that unknown. It is very brave and very commendable to be doing this, and we’re really proud of him.”

Jeremy Rodorigo, spokesman for American Medical Response, an ambulance service that serves several Connecticut towns including Southington, said many AMR employees from Connecticut traveled to Houston to assist.

Meanwhile, the Waverly Inn in Cheshire pulled in donations for victims of Harvey, and another Cheshire business, Bagelicious, collected pet-care donations through Rescue K911 of North Haven. At the North Haven Fair, boxes were set up around the fairgrounds for donations to hurricane relief.

Now that Irma has left Florida, people will undoubtedly line up to lend a hand, just as they did in Texas.

After all, we’re all Americans.


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