GIRLS VOLLEYBALL 2017: Team-by-team area capsules

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL 2017: Team-by-team area capsules



COACH: Sue Bavone (24th season, 465-88).

LAST YEAR: 18-5, 8-0 SCC Hammonasset; lost to Stamford in Class LL quarterfinals.

KEY LOSSES: Molly Michaud, Kellie Phipps, Mallory Groom, Taryn Murasso, Panru Jing

2017 ROSTER: Megan Kroqi (sr. capt., DS), Ava Millares (sr. capt., DS), Karly Pedbereznak (sr. capt., S), Brady McQuade (sr. MB), Alexis Benvenuti (sr. DS), Nicole Purtill (sr. DS), Meagan Clyne (jr. MH/Opp), Michelle Frenkel (jr., S), Mia Juodaitis (jr. OH), Rachel Mola (jr. OH/Opp), Nina Montagna (jr. DS), Elena Piran (jr. OH), Emily Russolillo (jr. Opp/OH), Jenny Wang (jr. Opp), Lindsey Abramson (so. OH).


COACH: Karolina Wytrykowska (5th year, 43-43).

LAST YEAR: 8-14, 2-6 SCC Housatonic; lost to Avon in Class L 1st round.

KEY LOSSES: Asia Padua, Allie Tolla, Jillian Ridley, Rachyl Guilmette.

2017 ROSTER: Avery LaChance (sr. MH/OH), Aliyah Hunter (sr. OH), Shayna Sanford (sr., Opp/S), Nicole Albert (jr. S), Eryka West (jr. OH/MH/RS), Hailey Bruneau (so. MH/OH), Alyssa Dodge (so. OH), Kiley Krause (so. MH/OH), Anastazia Pezza (so. OH/RD/MH), Kiera Farley (so. S/RS/OH), Ellery Campbell (fr. MH/OH), Page Henson (fr. MH/OH), Katie Madow (fr. OH/RS), Mackenzie Regan (fr. OH)


COACH: Kevin Savejs (3rd year, 17-23).

LAST YEAR: 8-13, 6-4 CCC South-White; lost to Kennedy in Class L first round.

KEY LOSSES: Ledjin Gebo, Hailey Matias, Madison Papallo, Gabriella Rios, Nicole Freeman.

2017 ROSTER: Melanie Polanco (sr. capt., OH), Anna Hendrickson (sr. capt., RS/OH), Grace Anetrella (jr. MH), Madison Clancy (jr. OH), Isabel Frazza (jr. L), Carly Massicotte (jr. S), Brooke LaValle (jr. OH), Joanna Perez (jr. RS), Karen Rodiles (jr. DS), Shanice Smith (jr. MH), Laila Martinez (so. RS), Dasia Mongillo (so. S).

OF NOTE: Freeman, a junior last year, moved to North Carolina.


COACH: Lou Gianacopolos (9th year, 118-51).

LAST YEAR: 11-10, 9-1 CCC South-Blue; lost to Farmington in Class L 2nd round.

KEY LOSSES: Genesis Cora, Camila Quintana, Shelby Milliken, Chloe Bagenski.

2017 ROSTER: Kiara Lopez (sr. capt., MB), Vanessa Isyk (sr. capt., Opp/OH), Jennifer Rita (sr. MB/RS), Juliann Pellegrino (sr. DS/L), Machaila Arjavich (sr. OH/RS), Alexandria Gill (sr. DS/OH), Briana Avitable (sr. DS/L), Kallan Doyon (jr. MH/OH), Lillian Montana (jr. DS/L), Angel-Lee Hart (so. S/RS), Caitlyn Hart (so. S), Francis Ramirez (so. OH/DS), Jaelynne Davis (so. MB), Aaliyh Burnley (fr. MH).


COACH: Victoria Sperrazza (1st year).

LAST SEASON: 14-9, 5-3 SCC Hammonasset; lost to Plainville in Class M 2nd round.

KEY LOSSES: Carly Chulock, Emilee Giacondino, Mallory Gogliettino, Nina Musco.

2017 ROSTER: Carolyn Biel (sr. capt., OH), Sydney Hunt (sr. capt., MH/OH/DS), Samantha Iannone (sr. capt., MH), Kayleigh Corless (sr. MH/RS), Haley DelGrego (sr. DS), Kari Dietle (sr. S), Emily Musso (jr. L), Meghan Murphy (jr. DS), Samantha Hart (jr. RS).

OF NOTE: Former coach Grace McCarthy went 90-67 over 7 seasons.


COACH: Rich Heitz (17th season, 273-80).

LAST YEAR: 18-5, 8-2 CCC Central Blue; lost to Amity in Class LL quarterfinals.

KEY LOSSES: Megan Mahon, Morgan Raymond, Kelly Kritz, Erica Daigle.

2017 ROSTER: Stephanie Zera (sr. capt., S), Nolyn Allen (sr. L/RS), Erica Bruno (sr. MH/OH), Cassidy Herrick (sr. DS), Hannah Zelina (sr. MH), Julia Wells (sr. DS/RS), Sarah Myrick (sr. RS/OH/DS), Emily Tinyszin (sr. MH), Lynsey Danko (jr. DS), Jenna Martin (jr. OH/RS), Haley Larabee (jr. OH/DS), Brooke Cooney (so. OH/RS).


COACH: Bryant Keith (1st year).

LAST YEAR: 12-11, 11-7 CSC Central; lost to St. Joseph in Class M 1st round.

KEY LOSSES: Valencia McClendon, Rosa Rosado, Trish Justice, Cara Dominello.

2017 ROSTER: Haille Carroll (sr. MB), Yamileth Pebe (sr. OH), Sheyenne Sinicrope (sr. OH), Nicole Tiezzi (sr. S), Karina Torres (sr. L), Sara Morin (sr. OH), Madison Rios (jr. DS), Yineiry Torress (jr. OH), Chloe LaBissoniere (so. MB), Carly Rich (so. OH).

Compiled by Ken Lipshez


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