Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Celebrating ‘Friendship’

To the editor:

On Sunday, Oct. 15, a group of people came together in the spirit of faith, hope and charity to celebrate the goal of one man to make the world around him a better place.

The man was Msgr. Farrell, the time was 1968 and the place that he founded was the Friendship Service Center of New Britain.

His goal was to make sure that “nobody was a nobody in the eyes of God”… and to make that love visible by creating a place where those who were homeless and needed help could find it.

Through his efforts, and those of many others who came to believe as he did, it was possible.

The Friendship Service Center has continued to this day.

On Oct. 15, the Friendship Service Center began a year-long celebration of that beginning. This opening celebration was our way of recognizing and thanking all those original houses of worship in New Britain, Berlin, Plainville, East Berlin, Newington and Farmington serving the faithful in the Episcopal, Methodist, Congregational, Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran and Baptist religions for all their support over the years.

Throughout the year we will be finding ways to highlight the work of the Friendship Service Center in the hopes of continuing to help those who are homeless and in need among us.

Again, thank you to all who made Oct. 15 the celebration we had hoped for.

Carol Yorker

Co-chair 50th Anniversary Committee

Friendship Service Center

Where’s the security?

To the editor:

I live along the Amtrak railroad lines not far from the police station and the library. Our family finds it a constant battle to find the balance of enjoying our backyard amidst trains going by and track work.

I was promised that their tree service would help clear the brush and dead trees along the back of my property, but this was a few months ago.

In the spirit of inspiration, my son and I started clearing things out ourselves. We found a lawn chair, a shotgun shell, a steel pipe, a grinding wheel, two hubcaps, a car axle and too many smashed glass soda bottles to count or safely pick up.

So, now properly disposing of other people's junk becomes our job.

In an ever changing world, how can security issues ever be properly addressed if there is this much accessibility to the tracks? The lack of barriers and regular monitoring by Amtrak and town police is upsetting.

Suzanne Helm



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