Eversource using drones to inspect electric lines

Eversource using drones to inspect electric lines

Leveraging innovative technologies, Eversource is now using drones to more efficiently inspect electric lines throughout Connecticut. The aerial devices provide the energy company with a close look at high-voltage energy infrastructure, including those spanning remote, hard-to-reach areas.

The use of drones is limited to inspections of Eversource equipment by certified operators, without compromising the privacy of nearby property owners. Using drones will decrease the need for periodic inspections by low-flying helicopters, reducing the use of fossil fuels and lowering the costs associated with annual inspections which are paid for by customers. Drone inspections will also reduce the need for vehicle access to inspect equipment in environmentally sensitive areas.

In addition to its routine annual inspections, Eversource plans to also use drones to assess damage to the electric system in the wake of major storms. During an emergency, the company can launch a camera-equipped drone to collect accurate and timely power line damage information and immediately transfer data to restoration planners. Armed with detailed assessments, system operators can more accurately dispatch crews, establish repair priorities and communicate more precise restoration information to customers.

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