Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Partisan politics

To the editor:

State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz has been touting the recent bi-partisan state budgets as an accomplishment of his. However, the record shows that in 2017 Joe voted in favor of Gov. Malloy's atrocious budget that was crafted behind closed doors with no Republicans allowed. It was only because some Democrats (not including Joe) voted against it that it failed.

Joe then voted against the Republican-introduced budget that passed the House and Senate with support from both Democrats and Republicans.

The recent bi-partisan budgets were passed in spite of Joe, not because of him, as Joe has consistently rubber-stamped Gov. Malloy's destructive policies.

Mike Gagliardi


Pay to park?

To the editor:

According to the signs I recently saw, we are going to have to pay to park at the Berlin train station starting in September.

Really? Who came up with this brilliant idea? This makes no sense and I think it will cause people to stay away from using the new train service. 

I utilized the new CT line train the first week it was operating. I had a meeting in New York City and decided instead of driving to New Haven or Stamford and paying for parking I would take the train from Berlin.

The trip worked out fine, but I am not sure I will use it when they start charging for parking in Berlin. 

I was happy to have the option of taking a train into Hartford as well. I figured it was convenient and instead of having to find parking and pay to park in Hartford I could use the train.

Now the cost of the ticket (or multiple tickets if going with the family) and parking in Berlin will not really be a savings, so I think I will just drive – it will be less expensive.

Looks like another great $760 million investment by the state/federal government that is being set up to fail.

Brian Pskowski


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