Commentary: Republicans can’t be trusted to lead

Commentary: Republicans can’t be trusted to lead


The statements made by Deputy Mayor Brenden Luddy in The Berlin Citizen on June 13, 2019 do not surprise me. Town Council Republicans have consistently attacked anyone who they deem a threat.

The comments made by Mr. Luddy were unprofessional and uncharacteristic for elected officials.

On June 4, 2019 I went to the council to negotiate funds for the town-wide stump removal and for two additional police cruisers. 

I encourage everyone to tune into Nutmeg TV, search for June 4 meeting and watch the video. Determine for yourself whether Mr. Luddy’s comments are over-exaggerated.

The Board of Finance and the Town Council are elected officials and co-equal boards. Unfortunately, the Republican-majority council does not understand nor do they like being co-equal. However, this is how the Town Charter was written.

For three-and-a-half years, Mr. Luddy and the majority council have held the town of Berlin back from growth. They have bonded tax increases and have ignored the needs of the town, which have now come home to roost.

The council has voted against Berlin’s education. Roads have not been paved. Farmington Avenue, the center of our town, has never looked so shabby.

The Republican council has gone through two town managers. Our grand list and our revenues are flat. Where are the new businesses that the Republican majority flaunts? Their record is dismal. The instability of Berlin has never been this bad.

The question I ask the people of Berlin is this: Do we want to be known as a mediocre town that does not support growth like surrounding towns? We can no longer afford to have these four majority council individuals running the town.

My vision is quite different from Mr. Luddy’s and the majority council. I have a vision of prosperity. We need to work with the Board of Education to provide an affordable, 21st century education and we need to freeze taxes for our senior citizens. 

Tax stability, infrastructure and an increase in economic growth is part of my vision to benefit the tax base in Berlin. 

While Mr. Luddy fears the so-called tough economic times, he has no plan for the future of the town.

I, on the other hand, have a plan. I’m a problem-solver. I get the job done. And I don’t cry about it. This is what I do as the chairman of the Board of Finance.

Once again, I repeat; politics are politics and facts are facts!