BOE commentary: Invest in education

BOE commentary: Invest in education

Why should the community be proud of our schools? 

The Berlin Board of Education is proud of the many achievements of our school system. Some of the indicators of the strengths of our schools include the following:

SAT scores in mathematics – No. 1 in our district reference group (DRG), which consists of 24 towns in Connecticut. 

SAT scores in reading/writing – No. 4 in our DRG.

In 2018, 386 Advanced Placement exams were taken by Berlin High School students; 84 percent scored 3 or higher. 

Willard School named a School of Distinction for high growth for students with high needs

Berlin High School, winner of the first annual AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

Seven BHS DECA students qualified for the International Career Developers Conference (ICDC) in Orlando.

Is the educational budget supporting the growth and success of our schools?

A school district’s budget reflects the commitment of the community to invest in the future of our children. The chart attached depicts the five-year average of increases to educational budgets and mill rate increases in a number of neighboring communities.

Over the past five years, Berlin has seen an average budget increase of just 1.38 percent. The Board of Education believes that this low rate is not adequate to sustain a quality educational system for all students. Compare this to Farmington, which funds the educational budget at a 3 percent five-year average increase.

Does the Berlin community value our educational system less? 

What will change in Berlin Public Schools if the gap continues to widen?

If the erosion of funding for education continues, the future of Berlin Public Schools as a competitive school district is at risk.

In order to balance the budget, the Board of Education will be forced to make significant cuts in the programs and opportunities afforded to our students.

We welcome your input.

The next Board of Education meeting is set for Monday, March 25, 7 p.m., at McGee Middle School. 


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