Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Black market guns

To the editor:

I have been reading in newspapers and seeing on TV of the shootings and, in many cases, the killings of innocent people.

After four years in the Marine Corps in the early '60's and serving as a police officer for 35 years, I feel I have some knowledge of the gun problem here in the USA.

I am not a member of the NRA nor any other organization of its kind. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out some of the problems.

First and foremost, each person applying for a pistol permit should be checked by the local police department. That should include talking with neighbors, friends and even parents. Why does this individual want/need a pistol permit?

From there, go on to the next step. Fingerprints. Then go to the state and then to the feds. This could take several weeks. I believe an in-depth view of the findings will ascertain whether this person is a good candidate for a pistol permit.

From here, the bad people will still be able to obtain guns on the black market.

If there is anyone reading this who doesn't believe illegal buying and selling of guns is not done, please come out of your shell.

Richard A. Rampone


Creative solutions needed

To the editor:

As a solution to our fiscal crisis, the Band-Aid of choice is to raise taxes. The current tax burden is heavy on middle class homeowners, and looks to get worse. The town budget and school budget are currently under discussion.

I am proposing a solution on the local level that might help take the sting out of projected increases.

One example, as reported in The Citizen, is the town hiring a production company to produce a video highlighting the town of Berlin. I am sure that our high school could provide that product with ease. This would save town funds, provide valuable learning opportunities and save on costs. There is a vast pool of talent in our schools, who I am sure could provide everything from data entry, report preparation and a final video, along with more. Vocational schools have used this to their benefit for years.

I challenge our town politicians on both sides of the table, to look for ways to reduce the cost of government. Couple that with growing businesses on the Berlin Turnpike and we will all benefit.

The time is now.

Randy Spitko

Yes, we have that too

To the editor:

Have you visited your library lately?

How about a trip, either online or in person, to your library during April 7 to 13 to celebrate National Library Week?

The Berlin-Peck Memorial Library has so much more than just books and encyclopedias. Many resources can be found on our website.

Want to watch a movie or concert? Then log in to “Hoopla,” “IndieFlix,” “AcornTV” or “Qello.”

Need help fixing your car? Try the “Chilton Library.”

Want to research your family tree or locate some old friends? Then access “Ancestry.com” or “AtoZdatabases.”

Planning a vacation? Access the “AtoZ travel guides,” or maybe “Mango” to help learn the language of your destination. Or come in to get your passport and passport photos.

Need a Wi-Fi hotspot for that next trip? Yes, we have them too.

Researching stock investments? Look no further than “Value Line”.  

Buying a new appliance?  We have the “Consumer Reports” database.

How about baking a cake or starting a garden? You can borrow cake pans or get free seeds from our seed library.  

Need to use a computer, send a fax, make a copy, study quietly, or hold a big meeting complete with A/V system? Yes, we have all that.

Our children’s department is outstanding too. The services we provide to babies, toddlers and preschoolers is invaluable and goes a long way to getting them ready to be successful students. Many families attend story time every week and the other program offerings.

And, of course, we have books, including large print, eBooks and audio books of many of today’s best sellers.

Your librarians are constantly hard at work adding new features and resources. Make some time to see all the wonderful things our library has to offer and spread the word.

Don’t forget, all the things are yours for the price of a free library card. You will not find a better deal anywhere.

Chris Fasciano
Berlin-Peck Memorial
Library Board member


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